"I called the cow company's headquarters in Georgetown three times to confirm the ownership of the trucks and crates, but all I got was more than 15 minutes of saccharine classical music while on hold, and a robot that said it could not take messages."

That's odd, Charles. I don't recall you ever seeking comment on one of your prior pieces. What changed?


@2) thanks! fixed.


Hey I hear there is this douche in Shoreline who has plenty of parking in front of his house. Also some nice bushes in his front yard that would be excellent spots to relieve yourself.



It's an old defensive reflex-- Charles has been taken to task a number of times over the years for his ineptitude in the craft of reporting, particularly in the use of the telephone.

He is showing us the progress he has made: he now at least goes to the trouble of picking up the receiver, dialing a number, and listening to whatever comes out of the earpiece for a while.

He has much to learn still, of course, but things like "follow-up call" and "alternate number" and "explore other avenues" and "in-person visit" and "use the contacts you have built up over the years" are only for especially advanced journalism practitioners.


Maybe not so much reporting as stating the obvious. "Hey, guess what, Darigold is acting like a bunch of assholes to homeless RV owners, I bet you couldn't have guessed that already!."


@6: Silly cow-Company. Charles prefers listening to Brian Eno as he strolls past your facility during his afternoon day-drinking constitutional.


1. people can't park RVs indefinitely. you get a ticket if they don't move every week or so.
2. the street doesn't belong to Darigold. it belongs to the City.
3. pallets aren't vehicles.


Well it might be possible that the people who work there are getting tired of human waste tanks being emptied in the area.


This sort of escalation is not an only-in-Seattle thing. This war rages anywhere there is a new homeless population attempting to put down roots.

Also, "and a robot that said it could not take messages." It's probably not what I'm picturing, but I want to know more about this.


Time to buy more Darigold!


I'm pretty sure that no vehicle is allowed to park in Seattle for more than 72 hours.



...and no oversized vehicle can park on the street between midnight and 6am, except in industrial zones.

Which is why the people living in RVs are mostly doing so in industrial zones, like the streets immediately around the Darigold warehouse.


Cmon dude. You gave up after fifteen minutes?


Well since milk is white it must be racist because it doesnt fit in with “homogenized” progressives values. Thankfully the homeless situation in that area has “evaporated” with Darigold’s stance and should serve as an example to the city and state that throwing taxpayer money at the problem hasnt fixed the “powder” keg that is brewing. With all that “condensed” brain power in leadership failing year after year, its nice to see businesses step up to the challenge fully and not with a mere “two percent” effort. I support Darigold for keeping their place of business clean and safe.



No, not surprising, considering how they treat a lot of their workers...


Darigold did some absolutely beautiful cookbooks a few years back. I got sent a copy of them for some reason.

I don't blame them. They have a business to run. It's not their fault that the city government is paralyzed by NIMBY's and nutcases when it comes to dealing with social issues.


Charles has been sitting in the corner at Oddfellows ordering one too many again I suspect.


And the reason that RV went up in a fireball is that these RVs are not just homes, they are convenient cooking labs. If the open sewer factor did not create enough of a problem in that spot, the cooking of explosives for the drug market would probably hit that bar.


@23, I seen one of those RV's with cooking lab enhancements this morning up on Aurora Ave. I wonder how much Winnebago charges for the meth-lab add on to their 2018 line up of RV's?


If what we're seeing is a war against the homeless, then it certainly is a just war based on self-defense. Those RVs came from somewhere other than Seattle. Seattle is not obligated in any way to serve as a solution to other cities' homelessness crisis. Let's give their gas tank a free fill-up and point the drivers in an eastward direction.


Consider that the pallets may belong to the junkyard next to Genesee Hall, they need the parking for the huge party that goes down there every Saturday night.


@18: Nicely done! Better read than the actual article it references.


Pallets stacked on the street would seem to be available free for the taking.
I don't think flinging them into the DariGold parking lot would be a good idea, though.


New headline: free pallets on 36th Ave!


Personally I would prefer that potentially unsanitary conditions around milk or food distribution centers are managed well. That's just me. Some people maybe don't mind black tanks from RVs being dumped outside where their food is made. Or raised costs due to delays in trucking because trucks cannot pass the roadways to deliver the goods.

This isn't war on the homeless, it's hard working tax paying people trying to maintain a standard of living they've all worked very hard for. Maybe that's not politically correct to state, but it's the truth. No one is attacking the homeless, people are defending a standard which is being attacked. And most of the hard working tax paying people give to various charities all the time, a fact that is grossly overlooked in media reports.

The solution is not bashing hard working tax paying people. Or businesses run by hard working tax paying people. Knock off the bashing and suggest a real solution for all.


You mean parking space is being used for something other than rolling methlabs and tinderboxes? Outrageous! Our "vulnerable community members" should get first dibs on these spots!


"the war against the homeless"

Let me translate that for those living outside The Stranger Bubble: "people trying to earn an honest living defending themselves from able-bodied out-of-state criminal addicts" Otherwise known as "the homeless"


good job. nobdoy wants these rolling drug mobiles in their neighborhood - nobody.


As someone who parks there for work on that same street (not darigold) there was lots of human waste, loud generators at all hours of the night, rv's stealing electricity, and drugs being sold/handed out outside of those RV's

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