Housing Nov 20, 2023 at 10:43 am

Or: How Talking Heads Are the Soundtrack of Gentrification

David Byrne is currently unelectable in Seattle. Getty Images / Theo Wargo



The “quirky name” is from a hit song by Ian Dury.


My son spent years at the Beacon Hill library. One of his favorites.

Stop hating on a library in a multicultural neighborhood where whites are the third largest minority group.


Always love your work Charles, but going after the Talking Heads is just bad judgement.

Also, FYI, having read you for many years, you are quirky. I don' think that makes you empty or meaningless.


A meandering word salad, including the obligatory obscure references, (I’m a polymath!) just to hate on the Talking Heads and attempt to shoehorn them into some larger framework. And the old fellow is still butt hurt about the election. The emperor has no clothes.


Not sure how an upscale apartment filled with someones else's taste in art is gentrification.


Is there such a thing as a Marxist equivalent to the crabby old man on the porch yelling for those kids to get off the lawn and long “in my day” speeches?


I take music advice from economists as often as I take economic advice from musicians.


I don’t get it. David Byrne would have lost the election if he ran for Council? And links to some unremarkable online publications. OK.


i didn't understand most of cultural references within this opinion piece, yet agree wholeheartedly.


David Byrne's talent for his art far exceeds yours for yours, Charles. And he cheers people up rather than bums them out for no reason.


Why not go after every artist featured in films such as Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon as supporting the Vietnam War? I realize Charles has something against The Talking Heads perhaps because they represent white privilege, wealth and success, but there is no logic in this analogy.


Byrne's "quirkiness" got more pronounced as the T Heads went on - True Stories and Naked were l@m3 when they came out. Eventually the others got sick of it. His solo albums are very meh.

But MSAB&F holds up, and Fear of Music is still great. I don't play the others much; but I do play Catherine Wheel & MLITBOG.

In closing, Byrne would have won his Council reelection because he's famous.


Lame as it ever was!


I've never understood the hype surrounding the Talking Heads. They're okay. David Byrne is creative I guess, but what's the big deal.


Lol Doug!




Yeah I find David Byrne's contribution to music is equivalent to Spencer's Gifts contribution to the mall. Always there but do you really want to go in? Probably not. 🤔


When Charles has nothing to say, his lips are not sealed.

Fa fa fa fa
Fa fa fa fa
Fa fa.


Your put-down of Talking Heads is only sporadically developed. I will have to reevaluate your positions that I agree with.


What a breathtakingly stupid article.


David Byrne



Fear of Music is indisputable.


I can understand Charles trying to distance himself from quirkiness. It's all he has. Pretend intellectualism, nothing but name dropping and silly assertions. Charles, you should vote a straight Republican ticket in recognition that you are earning a living without providing any meaningful public benefit.

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