The Make America Gay Again hat was pretty awesome.
Actually, the majority of Americans who voted on Tuesday did not vote for Hillary, by a margin of Five and a half MILLION votes, and are relieved that she will be waddling off into the dustbin of history.
Actually America was thrilled The Left spent so much time dancing and making music and creating art and making theater and watching porn (while wearing Make America Great! Again!! hats, no less) while it was busy electing Donald.
But please, don't stop- crank up the party; we have a Supreme Court to fill…….
Morton County Sheriffs attack unarmed water protectors at Standing Rock
Commentor Comitatus' contributions to Slog bear a remarkable resemblance to the climactic scene of Breakfast in Bed.
I enjoyed the distraction but c'mon, next year please less GoPros and people who had a kickstarter* for them to "find their bliss".

*this probably didn't happen. I just kept waiting for the Tazo Tea / Red Bull endorsement money to kick in.

The humor was good at least, I think Best In Show will definitely always find the heartwarming stories.

Oh, and Dan, if you read any of these comments (not much these days if ever i'm sure), don't use politicians in these films anymore, pretty please?
Now that we will have a FLOTUS and POTUS who've been in porn (stomach turns), perhaps the stigma has passed and after the year's tour has ended, HUMP! can make available an opt-in compilation sold online for streaming?

So contributors can still stay anonymous / films destroyed for those who don't want to opt-in for public distribution each year, but each year it would be avail. after the tour for purchase. I'm guessing many of the filmmakers would support this.
@5: No one would disagree with that.
Really glad "Im not poly.." won best. I enjoyed it so much. It was more a short erotic documentary rather than "porn" while still being sexually exciting. I dog the realness and the glimpse into their lives.

"Playing Scrabble" really did deserve best kink, not only was it extreamly kinky but i loved how artistic they did it. And "Breakfast..." deserved second place, even if it would have been the kinkiest film it really did need to be number two.

I disagree about the best sex, the two adventuresex that got one and two really were very nice (especially the skydiving, that was amazing) but honestly the best sex i saw was "Art Primo and the Rainbow Dildo", i have to wonder if other people didn't vote for it for sex because it was with a dildo?
@5 +1000! You win!
@9: "honestly the best sex i saw was "Art Primo and the Rainbow Dildo", i have to wonder if other people didn't vote for it for sex because it was with a dildo?"

Agreed, and I guess solo female just isn't as interesting for many?

The "adventure sex" category just seems a little too ostentatious to me.

@7: While I agree in spirit, in practicality if there was ever something like this they should self-publish and send Dan a link like some have with the more funny less explicit videos.

That way: No accidental leaks. No issues with one performer giving consent to publishing the release but the rest not. No changes of mind and regret that a person could blame on the festival itself.

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