HUMP! should do something new and inventive this year- live action porn. Set it up like a Theatre in the Round type thing, where the actors come out on stage and fuck while the audience watches the whole thing live.
I thought for a brief moment it said "no poop, no animals, no mirrors". About a dozen ideas involving mirrors flashed through my mind, made hotter by being taboo. And then I realized it didn't say mirrors after all. Woot :)
Why are the two large (left and right side of the screen) ads for Hump so goddamned sexist?
Men's side - two naked guys cutely covering themselves and displaying non-sexual affection.
Women's side - dressed in overtly sexual clothing and openly displaying a male-enticing sexuality (we don't wear heels for our own pleasure), with one of them looking at the camera (ie. the outside eye, presumably the male gaze). Why is the womens side of the ad all about what the menz want from women?
Dan - I expect better from you.

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