I was there for you when I barely knew you. I held your hand during panic attacks when you were freaking out about your breakup with your then-boyfriend. I was there when you broke up with your next boyfriend. I was there to scrub your apartment when it was infested with roaches. I'm here now taking care of you after surgery. I've been a really good friend. My complaint is not that you haven't been a really good friend. It's that you haven't been my friend at all for years. You don't answer e-mails. You don't answer the phone, even when we arrange the call via texts beforehand. You don't call. You don't ask me how I am. When I'm sad and lonely, I can depend on you to have something more important going on. Loneliness has got to be better than friends like you. I'm not putting this in an e-mail because I'm done with that cycle. I'm just going to delete you from my phone. And that will be the end of our friendship. And if you call to tell me you slept with eight people at your new job and they're firing you, I'll tell you I'm too busy to talk.


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