I, Anonymous

Rail Compassion


Soooo, did that "someone" happen to be of the feline species?
Aw, this is really sweet. I found out my dad died unexpectedly while I was out on Capitol Hill on a Friday night, and I immediately collapsed onto the sidewalk sobbing. A lot of people walked by, but one girl stopped and asked if I was ok, and if I wanted her to call someone to get me. It meant so much, and I thought about it a lot after. I wish I had been able to express that to her at the time.
#1 what difference does that make? It's just as emotionally devastating to have to put down a pet as it is to decide to either break up with or discontinue life support to a human in your life.

We all knew someone would show up in this thread to piss on what "Anon" posted, didn't we?
"and I hope your kindness comes back to you."
I hope that, too.
Many times in my life I've benefitted from kindness, although I don't actually think those acts of kindness happened _because_ I had been kind to someone in the past. One way or another, I've never regretted being kind to someone. (On a few occasions, I've regretted being cruel.)
wtf is up with the illo going with this story? snarky and unnecessary
@5 - My reaction was: snarky and funny, but unrelated to the column.
@1: Perhaps, their loss can be more devastating than husbands.