To the cyclist who just screamed bloody murder at me and blocked my car with your bike, forcing me to pull over so you could shout and spit in my face: Yes, I did look both ways before pulling out of the parking lot because, no, I do not enjoy committing manslaughter. In fact, when I heard your bloodcurdling shout, I about shit my pants because I had no idea where it came from. But then I saw you, 20 feet ahead of me, red-faced and wild-eyed, coming at me in a storm of righteous fury. I will accept my part in this: I probably could have been more careful. But let me also offer some advice: Perhaps going 30 miles per hour down a hill wearing nothing put body-covering, ball-clutching black-and-gray spandex, on a thousand dollar bike, on a rainy day is not the best way to be visible. Motorists are, for the most part, keeping an eye out for other cars, not moving man-babies on two wheels. So next time you go out on your bike, wear something fucking visible.


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