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Weed vs. Wheeze


One aspect of cannabis I haven't seen much recently in the potstorm of medical plusses is the long-known fact that smoking weed is an antidote to asthma attacks. Guessing secondhand smoke doesn't have the same effect. I'm not an expert, and your mileage may vary, but I wonder if you've tried smoking weed yourself to relieve your symptoms...
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If you are complaining about MJ smoke in outdoor areas, you are experiencing an annoyance reaction, not an asthmatic one. The smoke isn't concentrated enough to cause you any damage in the 8 seconds it takes to walk by. Maybe your lack of gluten (or non-vegan honey) has just weakened your resistance to things not precisely the way you want them?
Save me Amazon Warrior Queen Hillary Clinton from the stagnant pollution that hangs over the city during the summer months - I mean occasional pot smoke waffing in evening air.
I've detected the occasional whiff of weed, but it's hardly everywhere and certainly not in huge clouds.
your band SUCKS!
I am allergic to smoke - not THC, smoke contains hundreds of irritants and allergens which can trigger asthma attacks. Campfire smoke, cigarette smoke, burning leaves, and yes...even marijuana smoke have given me asthma attacks. You know what I do in those situations? I use my inhaler and get on with my life. I'm also allergic to pollen - but I'm not going on-line to bitch at the trees and flowers about it.
Anon has a (slightly whiny but valid) point I think. I don't mind the smell at all, but if you hate it, or hate the smoke, you are kind of trapped in this city now, it is everywhere.. And unlike alcohol, smoke is hard to contain. Even vapes, or perhaps more so vapes, because people think that they don't matter, are invasive and annoying. I get fed up with getting a faceful of 2nd hand vape smoke, and same with weed.
I feel like one of the maybe 5 people in Seattle who don't smoke weed.
It is a thing I also wish people would be considerate about, honestly. You can't avoid it if you want to. Most of the time I don't mind, but I do kind of sympathize. I had a bad cold last week and it doesn't take much to set me off on a painful coughing fit, 2nd hand weed smoke included.
@ 1 - I used to have an asthmatic roommate who didn't smoke weed, but would always sit next to me when I did so she could get the benefits of my second-hand smoke. It does work! (Although YMMV)
Maybe The Stranger could start recycling some of the better I, Anons from the past since of late they have been predominantly whiny boring crapfests. Seriously, only 10 comments?
I wonder what you do when a school bus blurps by..
Traffic on a hot day in Seattle...
Or your flight seatmate has pet dander...
Im sure you suck on that inhaler like its a gold plated dick.
Its called life...get over yourself.

Sucks to your ass-mar!
Whiney or not, when we've had to leave the basketball Court because some punk bitches are smoking reefer in the middle of the court it's gone too far. It's that shitty American attitude of Don't tell me what to do... I'll cut you if you say anything. FU mofo... I'll do what I want.
Why we can't have nice things.
Man, clearly those of you who think this is overly whiny have never had a problem with being able to breathe. Lucky you! I mean that, you're lucky. #2, it's not an annoyance. Smoke makes my asthma flare up, legitimately.
I guess this is the corollary to "I don't care about other people's kids so I won't vaccinate".... I don't care about anyone else's lungs who have to be in the vicinity of my cigarette/reefer/whatever smoke. Fuck you, asthmatics!