I, Anonymous

Anarchist Litterbug


life imitating art

You're "Anonymous". So how do we know that you even live here in Capitol Hill?
"Anarchist Litterbug". (noun) English 2016. Someone who wears black with colorful bandanas over the lower portions of their face, litters and is regarded by tenured transplants as disrespectful to the inner-city "neighborhood environment". See "New Transplant To Seattle".
Three responses and nobody has accused the Anonymous of shaming someone, who through their littering, is obviously homeless, mentally ill or suffering from addiction? Lately you read The Stranger and every type of anti-social behavior is excused as evidence of such.
I feel what would have offended this character the most is if you had him take notice of you picking up his trash and disposing of it properly
You got good karma points by picking up the trash and throwing it away, and now you'll loose them by venting about it.
Yes, whatever you do, don't try to go against the passive-aggressive Seattle stereotype.
Nothing too petty for liberals to try to use to score political points against people who actually believe in things and have political consciousness.
Good for you, Anonymous.
Pretentious antisocial asshole Anarchists should be shamed.
I bet it was a transplant...real Washingtonians are conditioned to feel guilty about improper waste disposal.
Hippies always think their ideology is a great container for everyone else's ideology. Whenever they meet someone who doesn't toe that line, the anger rises to the surface.

Bad hippie.
Oh I get it, Mayday makes every act of stupid antisocial activity an example of bad anarchists. Now I expect a flood of complaints to come in about LGBTQ litter bugs over pride weekend, open speculation over the gay lifestyle being the cause for public drunkenness, trash and use of harsh language.
Oh, it was a food container? What horrible manners and total disregard for shared space that litterbug showed. What an asshole.

Now if it was a used hypodermic needle, than that is totally fine, and you are an asshole for suggesting it was the wrong thing to do, you compassionless thug.
@13: Well, to be fair, gays tend to do things other than break windows and trash other people's property.

So the comparison is not totally apt.