Your trio of bros approached me and my girlfriend on Friday night and asked where you could find a strip club. You assumed the two women standing in front of you were fair game for your junior-high sophistication. We answered that, unless you were looking for Pony or Neighbours, you were in the wrong neighborhood and suggested Google Maps. Realizing the stupidity of your first attempt, one of you changed tactics and asked for a recommendation on a good place to eat. My girlfriend asked what you wanted to eat. To which one of you replied, "PUSSY!" I noticed you were futzing with your zipper while maneuvering toward a tree to piss, in front of everyone. I grabbed my girlfriend, told you all how ignorant and disgusting you were, and headed over to our group of friends. You stood on the corner of 14th and Pike and yelled at us for a few minutes. Great job being the exact stereotype of what everyone hates about the changes happening to Capitol Hill. To all disgusting, aggressive, insecure pieces of shit: No one likes you. Please fuck right off.