My wife, the dogs, and I were having a nice walk along the trail that circles the park. Both dogs were leashed and fully in our control. We stopped to let our French bulldog poop and, being a responsible dog owner, my wife was bagging it while I kept an eye on our English bulldog. From out of nowhere, I hear a woman behind us ordering my wife to move our Frenchie out of her way. I turned around, and this woman yelled at me, "Sir, pull your dog back. I have mace and I will use it." She then thrust her can of mace in my dog's face. I just stood there stunned as she slow-jogged by me with her mace pointed at my dog and me. What kind of horrible sociopath threatens to mace a harmless, sweet, goofy, confused rescue dog? The only thing you did right was not pull that trigger. Your can of mace wasn't big enough to keep my enraged wife from whuppin' your ass!


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