I'm NOT your grandma, you ageist millennial. I'm sorry you're too cool and self-absorbed to really see me. I'm not your grandma; I'm a human being just like you. It's not PC to laugh at someone's color, their headgear, the butts they hump (or not). You don't openly laugh at their religion or lack thereof, but you snicker at me, and talk about me as if I don't know. Guess what: I'm standing right here, waiting to pay my bill! I hear you and see the patronizing looks. If you took the time to really look, you'd learn I have young and old friends of many nations. My parents were both old and disabled—I guess I was lucky that way. I feel blessed to have better social skills, blessed to have young friends, and they feel that way, too. I'm sorry your world is so emotionally stunted that you still seek peer support at the expense of others who are older, wiser, and kinder. And if I had the misfortune of actually being your grandma, I'd smack you upside your pointy little purple head. So fuck off with your shallowness.


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