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Ageist Millennial

Steven Weissman


Oh my god, YES! And can I add to that: You're not the first ones to be hot and have all the sex, not the first ones with slang, or edgy fashion and music. Not the first ones to be passionate about a political cause or candidate. Not the first to be rich or poor or unemployed or overworked. All that shit is transitory and it's all been done before by olds like me. Your moment of peak freshness will go and come sooner than you imagine. Then you'll be invisible and irrelevant too.
kids these days.
@1, whoa, shit just got real.
How's your day going so far?
Shorter @1: It isn't just to assume being old makes you invisible and irrelevant. Also, you'll soon by invisible and irrelevant too.
Isn't it a bit of a stretch to assume that someone who goes around calling older women "grandma" is overly concerned with being PC?
My wife is a grandma, she really doesn't mind that much if at all. But she's not an oversensitive politcally correct NIMBY hipster Seattlite.
anyone who calls me gramps, except my actual grandchildren, is gonna take a beating. you've been warned.
"I'm not your grandma; I'm a human being just like you." Are you suggesting their grandmother is not a human being?

In many societies - and it used to be that way in OURS - "Grandmother" and "Grandfather" are terms od this thing called respect. I lived is several other countries, both Europe and Asia, and when speaking to a person of a particular age group in an informal way, one would ALWAYS start a question with "Grandfather..." or "Grandmother..." I don't know what's wrong with Americans. Or maybe it's just whiny Seattle hipsters.
I've been around the world, and in many places, it is considered respect to start off an informal conversation with people of a certain age with "Grandmother..." or "Grandfather...". But in this country, that sort of respect for our elders is no longer "politically correct".

Interestingly, I made this comment several minutes ago and some hyper-sensitive Stranger "editor" - and I use the term loosley - deleted it. WOW, just WOW...
@11 @12 WHOA

Yeah, amazingly, I don't feel the simple fact of being born earlier on a timeline worthy of respect. Call me old fashioned, but respect is earned. This also applies to millenials who think they should be respected just for showing up or getting a bachelor's degree. Wow, you got a piece of paper that really just proves you're probably in a great deal of debt, now get to work! and prove you can work efficiently.
@12 That was probably Ansel. He's a delicate little tea cup.
Those of us in the X generation are stuck between baby boomers and millennials. It is like being the middle child of a very self-absorbed, over-entitled and thin skinned family.
@ 16: Amen!
OMG someone snickered in my presence! I better go online and rant about it!
I wonder what actually was said.
Fuck off grandma and go listen to your Victrola. How about that McKinley fellow eh?
I wouldn't feel too badly. It used to be that people past a certain age became 'invisible.' Now everyone is invisible. I threw something on to go grocery shopping the other week--didn't notice until I was in the checkout line that my top was really sheer and the bra I grabbed was hot pink. I had literally been walking around Safeway semi nude (to clarify, I'm a nice looking nude). Everyone was looking at their phones. Thank you, Pokemon Go!
First this is so vague as to be pointless and second there is nothing so funny as ageism it's like if kkk members were unavoidably fated to become Jewish or African American in a few short years.
It happens all the time. Last week I was biking alone through a huge park when a phalanx of male members of a local bike club stormed past. The leader, a hulking presence, shouted insults relating to my sex (woman) and age (oldish). They were expensively geared up and sizzling with post-Tour testosterone. I shouted back, "I hope you win your stage, asshole," while pedaling away as fast as I could go. In his tiny microcephalic brain, my crime was in actively enjoying the day while old, female, and in public. I reflect with satisfaction that, given his attitude to age, he is going to be one sad fucker of a bitter old man.
As a 50 y.o. woman, I am tired of the diatribe against Millennials. If you took the time to get to know the people that are "invading" your city, you would find a bunch of highly intelligent, caring, proactive individuals that are trying to fix the mess that we, and our predecessors have left them. We had the benefit of low-cost universities, low-cost housing, and the luxury of coming of age before corporations took over our thinking space. We have to expand our minds, and not assume people are snickering about us. So what if they are. I have personally found that Millennials are interested in our perspective, and are not at all the self-absorbed brats they are assumed to be, (beyond what one would expect from a younger person who had to take up a corporate job instead of travel for a year to pay off their college debt). Be compassionate, and get to know some younger people in this city. They are fascinating.
Life goes by in an instant. One day you'll see a young, firm, hot bod and pretty face in the mirror and then it seems like only a week later all you see reflected is sagging skin, crows feet and a flabby body that won't move the way you want it to anymore. Life is ephemeral and very, very short, really. We're all on the same journey. We're just at different points along the road. When you look at my grey hair and crepey neck with disdain and laugh, you're laughing at your own future. If you're lucky enough to live as long as me, Time will have the last laugh on you.
I love how many of these comments are basically "yeah, all those people younger than me are all so entitled and spoiled, and they all suck because they're all ageist!". Um, that's maybe a little too much irony.
I mean, I'm a Millenial, and older people snicker at me / make comments about me/ shoot disdainful looks / are extremely rude to me all the time. So what? I just go about my day and I don't categorize an entire generation of people by their least pleasant individuals. Get thicker skin, maybe?
@27 The only difference is that you may well deserve to be patronized

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