News flash: I did not run away from you because I shorted you. I ran because you were creating a scene, accusing me and all the people at the bus stop and store of stealing from you. You were in a hurry, so I gave you a crumpled 20 and a 10, even though I was not comfortable shoving bills into your hand as you fingered and commented on taco chip bags. But when you started screaming bloody murder, of course I took off. I didn't want the counselors from your clinic getting anyone—even you—thrown off.

This is exactly why people want to kick the clinic out of the neighborhood, and it's not fair! People need a place centrally located. I wish there was a cafe where rehabilitating addicts could congregate, but since people like you run around screaming, dumping your bags onto the ground, and turning the finger on everyone, guess what?

Stop giving the methadone clinic a bad name! Stop behaving like the trash the neighborhood assumes you are, and maybe, just maybe then, they won't petition to kick you out for another condo.


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