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Real Estate Weasel

Steven Weissman


Dear Jack-Ass real estate guy...The Stranger would like to thank you for providing an ample supply of consumers who rely on our paper for nice things to do for rich folks. You know, the people who buy those condos from you.

Thank you very much
I can't really see the villainy in this person. He isn't compelling anyone to sell their home, is he? He's basically a real estate investor, and by building condos he's increasing the city's density. The worst he could be accused of is wasting paper on mailbox flyers. I write this as a Seattle native.
@2 Completely agree. No one is forced to sell, and if you are in a pinch and need a quick sale, you're most likely glad rich house flippin' assholes like that are there for you! I too write this as a Seattle native.
Yeeeah - Seattle's over-bloated Real Estate market and cost of living are based on those ever-defiant last words: "My home will never sell......" Let me know how well that works out for you after the next impending crash.
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hmmmm...sounds like typical bar talk
I assume that people who choose to sell value the money they get for their house more than the actual house. Otherwise they wouldn't sell, right? If he bought up apartment buildings and evicted people that would be one thing - the people who live there aren't getting any benefit from the increased property values, they're just getting screwed. But giving homeowners more money than they value their house for isn't exactly villainous.
Hey, you stole my favorite label for the Orange Predator!

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