I know the leashed dog that started barking at you after you hysterically screamed "Control your dog!" scared you. I know his reaction to you rushing at me, him, and my 18-month-old daughter was loud and aggressive. But so were you, having crossed the street to berate us. And while I restrained the dog, which was anxiously trying to get between us, you shoved me and screamed in my face. And when you finally stormed away—the dog never having touched you, my plea to you to just move along having gone unheard—my little girl began her own screaming. "Dada hurt! Dada hurt!" she shrieked over and over. She's still crying. All toddlers wake in the middle of the night, but not all of them wake screaming because a shitty neighbor incited her dog and accosted her father just so he could make a scene. I hope you feel good. I know my daughter doesn't think it was worth it.


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