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Man (Basically) Bites Dog


I get this. I've leashed many dogs and when they don't like you or your dog you should just walk away. Why can't you just keep walking! I keep a tight leash so it's not that.
"You need to control your dog" is often spoken by people who are incapable of controlling themselves.
When a guy's off-leash dog jumped on my 7yo in the park and knocked him over, and bit my finger, I did tell him, laughing, that he might want to leash it until he learned how to control it. Then he said I should just learn to relax. So I can see this both ways.
By only having cats, one never has these issues.
Sounds like the last Election for President of the United States. One who railroads the populace and the other afraid of men and who hopes to one day break that glass ceiling!
I don't understand exactly what happened here, but I commend your family for remaining nonviolent when accosted. I have a threshold for when the my big dogs' leashes get dropped and this psycho probably exceeded it. But you did the right thing, everbody walks away in the end. So sorry to hear your baby was traumatized, too young to imprint it almost for a sure so just put it behind you!
It's a hell of a lot easier to train a dog that doesn't come with mental baggage. Stop being a fucking saint and adopting all these fucked up shelter dogs. They ended up at a shelter for a reason, people. They have issues. You can train a dog to not freak out at stupid shit when you walk it, but you have to start with one that hasn't been abused or neglected to begin with, or doesn't have god knows what genetic disorder.

There are 750 million free-roaming dogs on Earth. Three-quarters of a billion. At least. Probably more.

Every six months, half of them have a litter of pups, on average six. That's 4.5 billion puppies per year. The dog population is about stable, limited by food supply, i.e., the garbage we pile onto dumps the world over. Around 80% of those 4.5 billion puppies die before they reach their age 1. Another 20% of the 750 million adult dogs die because they are too old (only 5 or 6) to compete for food or stave off disease or injury. So a total of almost 4 billion dogs dying of natural causes, i.e. starvation, disease, or depredation.

Meanwhile, there's maybe 250 million pet dogs, and a small slice of them end up in shelters. And if you adopt one you can prevent one painless dog death. The price is a pet that has a lot of baggage, mental and physical issues that make life difficult for everyone. And for what?

Imagine if we did that with pigeons. Untold billions of pigeons die naturally every year, but a few people are going to extraordinary lengths and great expense to "rescue" a small handful of fancy bred pet pigeons from shelters. People in Seattle actually spend hundreds of dollars to put an unwanted dog from fucking out of state on a PLANE and fly it here to be "rescued". Think about those 4.5 billion starving dogs and the resource allocation behind this "rescue" bullshit.

Just buy a healthy, properly-bred and culled dog from a real, professional breeder and end this whole dog rescue charade. Properly train your healthy dog, and enjoy. You'll even know how much the fucker is going to weigh when it grows up. "Der, the shelter workers told me my 80 pound lab mix wouldn't grow bigger than 30 pounds!" Shocked. Shelter workers know fuck all about those dogs. Fuck. All. Think about it.

Want to end the suffering of 4 billion dogs a year? Do something about all that garbage. Think globally, fuckers. Think globally.
@7 Sigh. Pure breds have far more behavioral problems than mutts.
Yes, they do, according to the same people who think spending $600 to fly a dog across the country is what Ghandi would do.

But these would-be humanitarians rescue as many pure breds as mutts. So it's not like they're helping anyway.

Abuse and neglect have more impact on behavior than breeding. Starting with a clean slate gives you much better odds than trying to fix somebody else's failed dog.

The myth you're spreading here is connected to the myth that pure breds have more health problems too. What you mean is badly bred animals, mostly from mills. Shelters are where these messed up dogs go. Taking a puppy mill dog home to your kids after some other ignoramus has failed to train It accomplishes what? Nothing, except maybe getting somebody bit.

Meet the older dogs sold by the breeder. Healthy? Not crazy? Yours won't be either. Problem solved.

Have I mentioned spaying and neutering? Far better use for that plane fare money.

what a load of backwards bullshit 7/9. There are fucking awesome dogs at shelters and shit dogs from great breeders. Behavior is not all the owner of course (though some of us really train our dogs and others don't), but I own SAINTLY OBEDIENT stray dogs. I've seen FUCKED UP dogs from good breeding stock. And breeding itself is royally ass-fucking dog breeds that used to be fucking great - take a look: https://dogbehaviorscience.wordpress.com… Breeding as a collective practice it is fucking ruining dogs. So fuck that noise, I won't support it. I'm never more certain I'm getting a great dog than when I go to a shelter, sit down in the kennel for an hour to observe the pack of mutt, and walk out with a spectacularly great dog basically for free - I'd never listen to some dog-factory dick sell me on his/her ego trip and take their word for it.
I'm so fucking sick and tired of hearing "but *I* am a *responsible* gun/dog/drone/____ owner."

Every day I thank dog that at least there's no Constitutional right to bear dogs or drones.

What makes you think the stray dogs you find are not purebreds? Where do you think the surrendered dogs come from? Same purebred stock that you think is so awful. You think your shelter dog is an actual genetically diverse free-roaming, free-breeding dog? Absurd. They're somebody else's unwanted pets.

And aside from that, it's a huge waste of resources to save a fraction of a percent of the number of dogs that live nasty, brutish, short lives. It's a feel good whitewash, and an expensive one.
b-b-but think of the chiiiiildren.
Pretty sure this is fake. Ignore the news this week. Put the focus back on #queenanneproblems.
Dog owners are like bicycle morons, all full of themselves.
@13 - thank you for the 80s flashback. Just say no to drugs!