The majority of Trump voters are what the pundits call silent Trump supporters. I could write the obvious—that they weren't particularly silent the other night—but that would devalue what happened here. We progressives collectively bashed the other party, incessantly. At times, we laughed at jokes that went too far. One example (I'm paraphrasing): "Trump's ahead in the latest poll... but it was taken at a Cracker Barrel." I'm guilty of this as well: At a bar, when someone spoke of voting for Trump, I interjected: "Really? Are you fucking serious?" This invariably calcified the person's pro-Trump resolve and bullied them into silence. Something this election has shown us is that unlike horrible, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic internet posts, votes are anonymous. They should be. We got bit on this one, but maybe we'll be saved in the future if we learn some manners.


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