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Who's Laughing Now?


The left needs to get their collective (no pun intended) head around this shit before 2018. The Democrats are looking to lose several seats in the Senate if they can't find a better narrative than "You're racist if you disagree with me". Seriously, look at the states that have Senate seats up for grabs in 2018...you think last week was ugly.
"We need to learn manners" - you're fucking nuts, and an asshole. I will never be polite to a racist, misogynist, homophobe, or even a mother fucking Republican.
@1 That's a very strange thing to say. When did The Democrats call anybody a racist?

It seems like everybody has confused their Facebook feed with the actual political campaign. But only for Democrats, natch. All the horrible things the nazi frogs said during that campaign, that has nothing to do with Trump. Go figure.
Conservative: Poor people deserve to be poor because they're losers
Liberal: Poor people deserve to be poor because they're racist
There's no reason at all to ever, ever accept Trump and what he represents. He is a threat to our national security. Keep up the name-calling and fake equivocation. It doesn't change the fact that Trump and his most ardent supporters are a problem. They have no problem ridiculing and belittling and bullying other people, so fuck em. I hope they cry. And then OD on Oxicontin. Yeah, some of them are poor, some of them are frightened, but that doesn't excuse their stupidity, racism and false consciousness which places race above class. I hope Trump chokes to death on a fucking dick.
#6: The class warfare thing only carries so much fucking water. No working class or poor people are going to benefit from Trump (they're already under his bus), and a lot of his supporters aren't struggling. And I don't care how shitty your life is. You don't target other marginal populations because you're struggling. That's the kind of shit that gives the "unwashed masses" a bad name.
@2: If you're a polite person generally, you've already been polite to Republicans.
@3 "Basket of Deplorables"
#9: I find the idea of politeness in reaction to Trumpism to be Chamberlain-level laughable.
Trump's voters were overwhelmingly white, cis, straight, Christian and middle-class. John Oliver being sarcastic did not fucking drive them into Trump's arms. Them losing their dominance over our society due to shifting demographics did. They heard his message of hate and fear and loved it. Stop trying to absolve them of the guilt that comes with aligning themselves with the KKK. No one is to blame but them.
@11 but fairly jesus/turn-the-other-cheeky... ;)
Who bent the truth, news media? Mrs Clinton is such a poor loser that she couldn't speak to her own supporters before limping off.

This is the product of social democratic activists, social justice warriors (SJWs) as they called themselves, new-Left fascism, and an absolutely deplorable candidate & campaign for the Democratic Party. Change yourselves.

The anonymous vote doesn't shield something rotten. It is the unconcerned exterior of ambiguous progressiveness masking what corrupt politics might be investigated otherwise, masking bigotry. Rather, it was Anonymous which revealed all of this, yet the support continued. This is on the DNC.
We can, and should, be nicer and listen to people who have serious problems, unemployed, poor, can't find work anywhere, medical problems that can't get fixed, etc.

We don't have to be nice to people who are racists, or homophobes, or misogynists.

Sometimes those two groups are found together, sometimes not. It's good to know the difference.
@16: Even better: Be nice and people who have serious problems, unemployed, poor, can't find work anywhere, medical problems that can't get fixed, etc. AND who are racists, or homophobes, or misogynists.

Everybody wins by being magnamenous; and by doing so hearts and minds can change.
Didn't Pierre Laval already try this? Look where it got him.
The fact that she lost to a ridiculous clown like Donald fucking Trump proves that the Sanders people were right all along.
Bush was "Hitler"
McCain was "Darth Vader"
Romney was the "Mormon Mussolini"

Demonizing the opponent only goes so far.
"Learn some manners?"

So we have to be nice to people who tolerate racism and misogyny and antisemitism and homophobia? So we don't hurt their fee fees?

Only to a point. When someone reveals themselves to be a racist, or a homophobe, or other backwards way of belief, that person can be politely but firmly corrected. Because they are wrong. Period. There is no compromise there.

If they persist in spite of your polite but firm correction, then there's no reason to be nice or polite anymore.
@13: GOP voting has been extremely flat for years. Trump did not actually change that, so one could argue that the same GOP voters just kept voting the same way, and Trump really had no effect.

The difference was that Democrats did not come out to vote. You can blame those evil white hetero Christians until you turn blue, but had the democrats bothered to vote, you would not have to.
This just gets better and better... huh
Partly racism, but mostly anyone-but-Hillary voters. So many people believe the hit-list is real.
This is what happens when microcosm communities cant agree on anything but having a novelty female president who,will work hard for "Women, Children and Families" and leave men out of the picture, particularly if they happen to be the "demonized white "entitled" man that is actually holding down a stagnated job and contributing to the system - unlike - say student protesters. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all misogynists, while women claim to be the victim and yet publicly bash men without remorse, thank you Megan Kelly. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all racist, while the black community kills their own because they was "bein' dis-a-spected" and then tries to justify the problem by killing cops in retaliation for a minority that were media-hyped. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all xenophohobic, while hispanic female undocumented students self-exploit themselves and claim to be afraid while getting financial help to go to school while the homeless US white male population between 18 - 40 increases because they arent given the same opportunity as they dont fit into a minority. And after its all said and done, we'll quietly wait and we'll cast that vote because that is democracy. Democrats had their eight years and people are worse off now than the prior eight, or sixteen and if the Republicans cant get this fixed in four with full control of both houses, then they wont have jobs in 2020. This isnt some quirk; most of the electorate went red, that is a big reality to what the media has been saying for the last eight years and it isnt a mistake. Now is the time to be adults and stop whining and get out of our way while we try to rebuild this nation and make it into something besides a country full of whiners who didnt get their way. If people were truly smart they'd figure a way around this and make it work for the benefit of all, not just themselves.
No, they didn't vote for that asshole because we weren't nice to him. They voted for that asshole because he promised to do racist shit that nobody else has ever dared to speak of. Refreshing! Outsider thinking! 卐 *wink* *wink*

Fuck them.

Now Democrats could have been nicer to the left wing of their party, and non-Democrats to the left of them. All those burnt bridges did nothing to help. You don't have to agree with the Greens or Socialist or diehard Bernie fans, but actively antagonizing them gets you nothing. How come they know how to approach centrist independents politely, winning them over with a positive message, but the whole pitch to the left is scorn, with a dollop of entitlement? Democrats seem to get that independent voters are not theirs by right; they have go earn those votes. But non-Democrats on the left are treated like vassals who owe tribute every cycle.

It doesn't work. Try a new approach.
If the NW is any indication, based in the slathering comments here...the name calling and labeling will be alive and well in the seattle area. If you want to play into the hands of the us/them mentality, by all means keep it up.

I wonder if you know what racism REALLY is...have you seen it applied outside the US? If you have not, educate yourself...if you have, you are in the "know" and see the whining Alt-Radical Left is a tool of their masters.

Enforcing immigration laws has about as much to do with racism as a dab has to do with career advancement.

Stay classy you prissy little wonks of the NW.
People can keep claiming that the white working class voted Trump because the democrats were not "nice" enough to them. I imagine that is a nice cozy place to be, as it casts "the other side" as petulant children, and allows one to avoid any sort of responsibility.

But the reality is that it had nothing to do with "niceness." What the working class whites in devastated middle America want is for their real economic struggles to have a place at the table. I know it makes the world easier to understand when all whites are wealthy fat cats and all non-whites are struggling, downtrodden workers, but that is a bullshit and self-serving chosen worldview.

Since nether party is giving them this (and the GOP at least does not degrade them at every opportunity), they voted for the grenade. Because they really have nothing left to lose, and nothing could be worse that what they are getting from Washington now. Which is nothing.

So they voted to blow it all up. Had Clinton and the DNC thought they were worth any effort, the election may have been different.
Yes, actually, you do have to be nice to racist bigots. Smug left coast privileged liberals are going to have to learn that they can't change society on every single goddamn issue they perceive as important. As all mature adults should know, life is not fair. It takes compromise. If you want to progress the agenda you see as important (in my case, a fair and liberal society with a socialist bent), then you'll have to find a way to speak with and compromise with people whose personal views on whatever social issues may be abhorrent to us. That might be a giant shit sandwich, but it's one that democracy requires we take a massive bite out of. Liberal progressives need to learn when to set aside certain issues, particularly issues that appear to be of importance to privileged college protestors on elite neverland college enclaves, and talk about the destruction of the blue collar class in flyoverland.
To add to the above-I know certain issues are deal breakers. I'm not gonna be nice to the klan, for example. But springing transgender bathroom issues on a mill town in WV...? I'm not dying on that hill.
And honestly, I think conservatives are generally better at compromise. I promise you that most of Kansas and Missouri and other red states are opposed to gay marriage. But how many Kim Davises did you see?
Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Keep crying your whimpering makes me giggle.
They aren't racist for disagreeing with us. They are racist because they were willing to throw minorities (and women and disabled people) under the bus for empty promises of jobs and lower taxes. I realize racists don't recognize this form of racism as racism, but it is.