I'm so exhausted by Seattle. I have a lot of really amazing friends, but holy shit, there are so many passive-aggressive people. I took the bus to a concert and I got so many eye rolls and dirty looks. I understand that people don't care about the people around them, but sometimes it feels like a competition to see who can care the least. It's demoralizing. Why does it even matter which of us is the most detached? We'll all die someday regardless of how cool we are. I'm not even trying to say be more friendly, just stop looking down your nose at people. Maybe you think I'm some narcissistic pain in the ass or a naive small-towner, but is a little kindness too much to hope for? Would it kill you not to disdain my existence? For the love of god, if you're not going to actively be nice, you could at least stop pretending you're better than me. I'll try if you try.


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