I, Anonymous

House Mouse


Yeah, mice are cute little fur balls, until they start making nests everywhere and chewing up books and magazines.
It you cannot really see/appreciate why other people might not want a mouse running around their work place, then you're probably the wack job in this scenario.
The whole "just let pests infest whatever they want, they have to live too" attitude goes away the minute you own your own home, and they start fucking up your shit.

Had to reinsulate my fridge last month because one of those little assholes chewed through the insulation. Found him dead a few days later, crushed under a 50 pound bag of birdseed he had chewed a hole through.
Also, that mouse would not hesitate to kill and eat you if it had the power to do so.
Did you neuter the mouse?

Mice apply a "spawn like crazy" strategy to life. Mostly dying is part of that. Otherwise the planet would be buried in exponential mice inside of the tenure of one Stranger book reviews editor.

(Seriously. They have about 8 babies about 8 times per year = millions after one year, trillions after two...)
How many million mice would there be in a year if they had killed this one?
Bubonic plague carrying fleas.

Enjoy your lunch.
Mice, rats, and spiders are unacceptable life forms in our houses and are subject to capital punishment without redress.
Good grief, who at The Stranger writes this dreck? Because if this is the kind of stuff that people send in that floats to the top... Well... What I think is that Sydney Brownstone writes this crap.
Oh, and maybe COCAINE and MALT LIQUOR were involved in the writing of this I, Anon...
Why arent the raisins in that raisin bran sugar coated like the rest?
I think y'all got trolled but good.
Two words: Disease Vector. It's a thing.
This stuff works pretty well within about 10 ft, and won't penetrate the walls of the chicken-house:

But if you have the patience, a pile of 1:1 cornmeal-and-plaster-of-paris, plus plenty of water to drink nearby will turn their little innards to stone...
I agree that mice are disgusting vermin to be extinguished. But in this case I would have done same just to ick out that jittery colleague a bit more.
Dude...Like, I'm a vegan and generally abhor killing, and even I understand why it's necessary to kill mice sometimes. It's war.
Anon should Google "hantavirus."
@8 Disagree about spiders. The spiders in your house are providing you with a valuable service by killing other critters. Let them be.
#16 I'm a vegan too! Mice made my house and cars a stinking mess until I discovered peppermint oil. You have to trap any mice that get used to living with the smell but mice from outside can't stand it and will flee. Also you can use plain steel wool to plug gaps where they come in and out.
Live and let live, and get a cat.
My building on Seneca was infested with mice, across from the baptist church. Management wouldn't do anything about them. Kind of got used to them. Those little bastards would crawl into my pillow at night and whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and make me feel like a disgusting version of an unwilling Capitol Hill hipster Disney princess. They also would try to hop over my feet under my desk to get to the kitchen, and I'd block their path, and they'd look up at me with teeny tiny disgust like, "really, this game again, human?" In a cabin I lived in for a while, the house mice would crawl up and sit on my drunk and oblivious family's shoulders like they were part of the evening's drunken conversation, and I'd never say anything because it was kind of hilarious.

They are really kind of social and want to be part of stuff, it's just too bad they are filthy disgusting disease vectors. Really, the same can be said of a lot of people.