Steven Weissman
To the person who wrote the "Who Can Care the Least?" I, Anonymous: It's obvious you really care what other people think of you. And because of the famous "Seattle Freeze," you feel put-upon and exhausted. Here's something to chew on: People who have lived here their whole lives, survived the grunge era, and have a real love affair with the city do not enjoy having to watch helplessly as our local culture is eroded by people like you. We don't enjoy the psychic pain as local landmarks are torn down to be replaced by sterile condos where people like you can bitch about the weather, blame traffic on the locals, etc. The bottom line: Don't expect a fake welcome party everywhere you go. If anything, we're doing our best to show a little restraint. Consider the smugness you perceive all around you as an open invitation to pack your shit and hop back on the Pretentiousness Train to wherever you came from.


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