I, Anonymous Jan 23, 2017 at 4:00 am

Angry White Man (Slight Return)


Ah yes - the heady days of consuming piles of COCAINE and MALT LIQUOR, riding the city bus, and picking fights with teenagers, before heading home for a bit of vigorous self-stimulation aided by my favourite Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons. While I look back on those days with fondness, I've come to prefer more quiet amusements: perhaps relaxing in a chaise lounge in my most comfortable smoking jacket with a tome of Virgil or one of the other great classic authors, a snifter full of good MALT LIQUOR, and a line of the finest COCAINE.

You really must peruse Chaucer, Boccaccio, or perhaps select portions of the Bible; you may find Song of Solomon and certain passages in Ezekiel quite stimulating!
This story doesn't mean a thing unless we know what the bus driver has to say.
White people need to put down white supremacist racism. Period. Until white people wage war against the lower life forms in this country perpetuating this BS and I mean PUT THEM DOWN PERMANENTLY AND END IT COMPLETELY, it will never end. It will have to be done violently and it will have to be done by white people. That's it. That is the only solution, the only way out of this sh*t show we are in and will be in until humanity ends or humanity puts an end to it. I AM SO SICK OF RACIST AMERIKKKA. I am so sick of dumb as f*ck AMERIKKKA. I AM SO SICK OF WOMEN HATING AMERIKKKA. THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM ALIGNED WITH THE MAJORITY, THE DIVERSE, THE FEMALE, THE INTELLIGENT, THE HUMANE, AND THE EVOLVED. THE DINOSAURS NEED TO DIE. EVERY SINGLE HATEFUL POS ONE OF THEM.
Its all about the symbolism of something that no one has any full facts of the situation because they "didnt hear what started it". How quick we forget about this kind of symbolism: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/…
@4 black people need to put down blacks who spew racists comments. Period. Until black people can face their own racists attitudes it will not Stop. EVERYONE HAS TO STOP OR IT WILL NOT END. Stop blaming white people for all your fucked up problems, poor parents & the inability to think for yourself. And by the way you stupid fucktard it is spelled AMERICA that's with a c not a fucking k. Women don't hate America we're just sick of the stupid ass shit you men seem to make of everything you ever touch.
This week's "Anonymous" confesses he has no idea what the scrap was about. He writes to demo his lib credentials, and I'm betting on experience that, especially in pussy Seattle, those black kids (Yes, I said it!) were starting their usual crap. Further, I bet he intervened solely to suck up to the bullies that he fears, lest they should start on HIM.
@4: Put your money where your mouth his and go kill a white person then. I mean, if that is the change you believe in. Demanding other people murder for you on the internet probably is not going to change anything.

But something tells me you will just keep typing.
I read this with some sympathy. Then I remembered the time I was on a train and a group of teens started 'cat-calling' my friend. When she and I told them to stop they threatened to beat me up and rape her. There was about 6 of them, mostly pretty big kids, mostly white. I did not take their threat very seriously, but if they had meant it there was fuck-all I could have done to stop it.

What I'm getting at is that yes, it is a bad look for an adult man to scream at teens. It is a worse look when it is a white man screaming at non-white teens. But teens can be absolute pieces of shit, and can represent very real threats. Were these kids the victims of a hateful or fearful bigot? Were these kids saying or doing something that was reprehensible?

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