steven weissman

To the bitch boy teenager who sneered about my wearing sunglasses when it wasn't sunny out after the Womxn's March,

Context: It was late afternoon and not brilliantly sunny, though still quite light out, and I am a woman. Here's why I was wearing sunglasses in the late afternoon: (1) to help manage my anxiety about being in a crowd, (2) to shield my excessively watery eyes from the wind, and (3) to enable me to pretend not to see men who harass me in the street. In this case, you were the man harassing me in the street, and my sunglasses did indeed allow me to pretend I had not seen you. Sure, your particular comment was not the worst unsolicited comment I've received, but it sucks not being able to go out in public without some man commenting on what I'm wearing or telling me I should smile more. So, good job, bro. Way to police a woman's appearance at the Womxn's March.


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