People actually do this????
Why does the I, Anon even care? She has way too much time on her hands, getting all bent out of shape about things that neither concern nor affect her. She seems a little jealous, passive / agressive. I suspect she is a barista. Oh, and fake.
YES!!!! This has always annoyed me.
Hey, I support and embrace diversity. But what is your bug about 'white' people?! We are all people, the same people, no matter what we look like. And if you call me ugly I'll spit. So get off your high horse about 'white' people. You are angry at people, and many might happen to be white, but stick to the issue. Everybody should stop pilfering, and the rest of us should step up to the plate to help those around us that need it. Like right outside your door.
Stop going to the fucking parties. Wow, hard problem to solve.
Who is the writer? Why are they so inundated with these things?

Also @5 it is the cool thing du jour to lump everyone who isn't somehow a minority into one large group, because all of our experiences and privileges are totally the same since we're white.

Remember? I may have neighbors miles north who think it's okay to take up meth and steal cars, but they're also white just like non-meth has-a-job me, so we're all pieces of shit together because not-white not-male not-straight people all have it worse than us. Get with the times!
But!...But!...We're hipsters who's ideas can't fail!!!! It'll be fun - like reestablishing a tired NBA team - yet again - or actually seeing light rail get to the high-rent suburbs!
The reason this is a problem for this person is they don't have any friends except for people who crowdfund their hobbies and vacations.

Get some new friends! Your welcome.
So, are you gonna donate or not?
So, How does Anonymous know these people are white?
Why do I get the feeling this was written by a white person?
I've been in the Burner community for about a decade and a half now. Ten years ago we used to have really interesting and fun fundraisers for projects going to the event, and they were mini events in and of themselves. Always a fun and interesting shindig AND they got fun people doing fun things together AND you were raising money for cool art projects that you got to play with in Nevada.

In the last several years as kickstarter & similar sites popped up, a lot of that has ended and been replaced with these fundraising sites. I certainly understand; one of my own projects was funded in part by a kickstarter, but it's been a loss in many ways.

I'm sure that kickstarter fundraisers will be here to stay, but it would be nice to see less of the online begging and some more effort put into to the in-person events.
I've seen my share of this, and it's worthy of shaming. Also, a lot of defensiveness here—burning man money begging is definitely some white shit.

Tangential advice: If you find yourself complaining about social media, you're spending too much time on social media. You'll be happier if you're exposed to the feed less, or turn off the ding-dongs.
@11: They don't. Slog doesn't even know my race.
this is definitely a white person thing.
Lifestyle gofundme's are a drag.
Gofundme's for dead relatives are a drag too. Except the ones leaving dependents behind, those are sad but useful.
White people seem far likely to whine about what other people are doing or spending their money on.
Agreed with #6 and 9: just say no to the parties. And also probably the friendship. Because those people sound like douches.
I'm with the anon except for the "white people" part. How would it go over if I said "black people on 3rd Ave, I don't want to buy your CDs?" Not so good, I'm sure, and rightfully so.
Hilariously, if you Google "burning man gofundme", the first result that's actually for a person trying to attend, the person is not white.
Don't like it, don't donate. Simple.
You know, if you drive a $60,000 car and all you really need is a $20,000 car, if that, or you spend $20,000 on bullshit accessories for that car, or you spend $20,000 on your wedding, or your unnecessary kitchen remodel, nobody will criticize you. Drop $20k on a boat, and most people will admire your thrift -- boats and shit typically mean pissing away $50,000 just to get started. No stranger, or acquaintance will write a think piece about what that kind of spending says about society. The only people who might have a problem with it are your spouse or in laws. But nobody calls that a sign of any kind of decadence. Your spouse or in laws might just think you really should be pissing away the money on jewelry, or a more expensive-sounding college for your kids for the family to brag about even though in fact nobody gives a fuck about what college your grand kids went to.

But spend one tenth of that amount on certain things, and people will lose their shit. Instead of blowing $20,000 on custom car shit or granite countertops and professional gas ranges, try spending a mere $2,000 on surgery for your dog. Or giving it away for a whimsical gofundme. Holy shit. Ho. Ly. Shit. Look out.

Spend money like THAT, and people you never heard of are going to be PISSED. All of a sudden, total strangers think it's their business to tell you what you can and can't piss away your hard earned (or stolen or inherited -- doesn't matter) dollars on. We have this huge tolerance for the most crass waste, on scales you can't imagine. But only for certain types of things. For other types of things, you got something wrong with you and somebody has to tell you what for.
Yeah, see, here's the thing about friends. They do some stupid shit. Everyone does. You do too. The secret is to accept that no one's perfect and disengage from the stupid shit they do, enjoy the good things about them, and hope they're as nice about your stupid shit. You don't want to go to their dumbass CrowdFund party/Tupperware party/girl scout cookie sale/religious party/one-man improv show/shitty movie night/stripper Tuesday/Superbowl Party/Stitch 'n Bitch/Goddess Yoni Workshop? Don't!
@26, you'd be killing your own party before anyone else's if you do this. think of your people!
@24 - The crux of this topic isn't how people choose to spend their money, it's whether or not someone's weekend of EDM and drugs in the desert funtimes should be considered a worthwhile charity by the working poor.
Some more blatant racist white-people shaming. Does it really matter what skin color we are? This person doesn't even have the courage to attach his/her name to the post. I know there's the 1st Amendment, but why would The Stranger post this for everyone to see? It's simply inciting more anger, and it's fracturing our social foundation. Couldn't something more constructive have been posted in its place? Shame on The Stranger for making this visible for everyone to see.
#30... thank god you are here to stick up for us poor repressed white folk,its time people take our feeling on everything into consideration.
@29 ...the fuck?
@31, That's probably my all-time favorite XKCD. Also, the story of my life.
@33, My guess is that the boldface words in @29 substituted for "white" in @26, which has apparently been deleted, but I'm just giving @29 the benefit of the doubt. It's actually still a pretty dumb comment, but maybe not evil.
Really? White people? You need to stay off those websites, it's bad for your health.

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