You are seriously an asshole. Please don't feel like you need to venture out again.
check out 'seasonal affective disorder' (S.A.D.) - it's real for some people. also: rainiest winter in seattle's history. the waiter might benefit from using one of those special lights you can buy.
"Here is my lesson from the heavy rain: on your way, you meet a shower. You dislike to get wet, so you hurry along the streets running under the eaves. Still, you get wet all the same. As long as you accept that you will get wet, you won't suffer from being wet."

Tsunetomo Yamamoto
Anonymous, if it bothers you so much, maybe you should move somewhere where people are less likely to have SAD.
Lived here all my life except for a few years in the military. I hate the weather, it can be very deressing. Bought myself a natual sun light, works nice. And Vit-D...
That's a very long-winded way of saying "I'm an ignorant prick".
This article is a piece of crap but also, The Stranger chose an interesting day to publish it. Why publish a diatribe about rain on Seattle's fourth sunny day in a row? Who gives a shit? No one complains about rain when the sun in shining.
I'm originally from New England and I never complain about the rain here because to me it's far better than the alternative, intense cold, snow, ice, and black ice. In fact, I'm more likely to complain about the lack of rain in the summer (New England usually gets plenty of summer rain).

Some people just like to complain, somehow it makes them happy, while other people like to complain about other people complaining, and yes, somehow that makes them happy too.
One of my biggest pet peeves used to be whinners that run on about "why does it rain so much in Seattle?", or "I was here last summmer and it was beautiful- thats why I moved here"! Or, and this is my crayon-eating-favorite "the commercials made it looks so beautiful all year around for outdoor lovers"! Actually, I hear the best place for all the well-informed bedouins is Casablanca for the dry heat and the hip "Lawrence Of Arabia" fashion sense. I'm told that is the up-and-coming place to be if you dont like winter 9 months out of the year and really want to avoid being emotional - I mean SAD. And hey, it may actually be the only place on left on earth where you could run into Mayor Murray in successful incognito.
Wow, the above comments cover the alternative ways to handle such minor annoyances, but in the end you have to live with yourself, and you're an Asshole. You stiffed your waitperson because you're an Asshole, don't make excuses, and I hope karma takes a shit on your life.
To be fair, if a waiter incessantly complained about the weather to me, I'd lower the tip.

But, otherwise, fuck you I,A. Anybody who has lived here knows this was a particularly rough year, with a record number of days with cloud cover. We're closing in on a record setting water year. And we're 10" above normal for 2017's rainfall.

This isn't normal, even for cloudy rainy Seattle.
Listen, first of all you can get depressed from a lack of sunlight or more specifically, Vitamin D but you don't need me to tell you that. Almost every poster above me has told you that.

Here's the thing, unless you have absolutely no skill in human communication you should be able to get the point across to your waiter that you've had enough without stiffing the guy. If anything the dude is just trying to make a connection with you so that you enjoy your stay but nope, in your mind he's just an asshole that's out to ruin your day. He was probably just trying (albeit too hard) to strike up a conversation and you're just an all-around bad time.
It has been a particularly shitty winter---and Forks on the average gets even more rainfall than Seattle does.
@11 "To be fair, if a waiter incessantly complained about the weather to me, I'd lower the tip."

+1. I wouldn't have the balls to dock his tip, but if my waiter incessantly complained about anything, I'd avoid that establishment in the future. When you're in customer service, it's extremely unprofessional to vent to customers. Save that for LiveJournal/ Facebook/ friends/ YouTube/ someone who cares and isn't paying you, yeesh.
Shit, what are we supposed to small talk about then? This was the rainiest year in recorded history and folks here like to talk about the rain. It is our culture. If you don't like get it, get the fuck out! Go someplace where they talk about sports or god knows what.
Indeed, shame on thou for stiffing the waiter. You're too self absorbed to be friendly and reply to "I can't get out of bed" with a segue into small talk and be cheerful and pleasant.

No wonder you can't establish long term relationships and have pain during intercourse.
Remember when I, Anonymous was scandalous and juicy?
I hate this town because of its passive aggressive assholes and rich douchebags.
Rain is just the cherry on top.
Fuck off. I was born here, lived here for 45 years, and this goddamn 2017 SUCKS. We've had like twice the rain as usual, and I think there have been maybe three sunny days since New Year's. The last time we saw 70 degrees was what - last august? Fuck that noise.
Granted this is an unusual year, but the summers are worth the wait. Fall is usually cool and sunny. Consider the alternative of excessive heat in the south or North Dakota.
I am a born and raised Seattleite. Having said that I have lived the last 5 years in Iowa. The land in the middle o nowhere as far as I am concerned. However, nothing can replace all of the sunny days here, no matter the season. I hate the weather in Seattle. The only saving grace is that more people don't move there because of how depressing it is. Do not make the mistake of telling me that I need to get over it. I have lived it raining on the 4th of July. The only time to be assured of a sunny day is in August if one is lucky. The only thing that comes across in your article is that you are pompous to criticize others.
The weather here sucks, alright. When I've had too much I pack up and go back to northern Germany, where it's considerably worse. Problem solved.
Wow. So Seattle. So fucking stereotypical Seattle.

Why not tell the guy that you actually like the rain? Why not tell him to shut up? Or go back to wherever the fuck he came from (where the weather is better)?

No, that would be too ... awkward. Too confrontational. Don't want to make a scene, after all. Best to keep it to yourself -- be passive, yet aggressive. That's it! Short the mother fucker. That will show him. He has less money in his pocket, and he obviously knows why. Money he uses to pay the bills, take care of his kids or who knows -- take his honey out for dinner. You obviously have enough money to do that -- all by your lonesome, apparently. You have enough money to have someone cook for you, clean up after you and otherwise provide one of life's necessities. But you feel like the folks serving you -- fucking serving your pathetic ass -- need to be charming -- or else. No tip for you.

Fuck off, tightwad. I have no problem with the rain, but I sure as fuck ain't gonna screw over my waiter. Dick.
Seattle-born and raised. I love the rain & always have. One important difference I have noticed with Seattle rain (probably western Washington rain) is that when it rains there, the color doesn't go out of everything. Here in Spokanistan, we have cloudy days that are so overcast that my front porch light, which is on a sensor, stays on all day. Spokane is beautiful on sunny days, but when it rains, everything is one of three colors: black, gray, or brown. When it rains in Seattle, Seattle is still a vibrantly green city.

Oh, and you are a fucking asshole for stiffing that waiter. I was about to write "Jesus --- who does that?" but then realized I had just answered my own question: fucking assholes, that's who.
I lived in Seattle most of my life, I can no longer afford to live there, I loved that city, the weather, the people, the... well everything about it, actually. Things started to change over the last decade, but mostly over the last five years. It would fucking hurt my teeth to hear people complain about the rain. It rains in Seattle! You had to have known that before you came here! But when I started hearing newcomers complain about the construction and traffic?! YOU CAUSED THAT! You don't get to complain about it. Also shut the fuck up about the Seattle freeze. People just don't like you becausemaybe you might be obnoxious or annoying. Seattle has always been a welcoming city, it has just been overrun by people who don't appreciate it for what it is and want to make it something that it is not.
@16: +1
As an aside, the funniest thing about the American version of "The Killing" was the incessant pouring rain and *nobody* ever mentioned it. People in Seattle complain much more about far less rain then was depicted in that show.
How nice... you sound like the asshole i was in my 20's, loving the rain and NOT understanding how LACK OF SUN affects our emotional and mental state. In your 20's, you're like a grown up teen... still thinking you KNOW IT ALL and are not affected by the light, the weather, what have you. Well, i'm a born-and-raised Seattlelite, who's ALMOST 50, and this is THE WORST and WETTEST year i've EVER experienced in my life... and i'm DONE... and it SUCKS... and hopefully it will dissipate once SUMMER is actually here. HOWEVER, until then, have a little compassion and understanding, OUTSIDE of YOURSELF!!! ...and CALL ME when you're ALMOST 50 and tell me how feel about the never ending wet, gray, drizzly rain -- HUGS!!!
You lost me at "I stiffed the waiter." Never ok.
Wow. What an extraordinary passive aggressive expression of entitlement.
If you moved here and don't like the weather (or are negatively impacted by it), you should find another place to live. Sequim is in the Olympics rain shadow, for example. From a native's POV, it is unbelievable insensitive to move to a city, jack up the real estate costs, ignore the existing music and other arts culture, and then complain about the weather. Fuck you. You ruined my home. (Side note, don't stiff wait staff - it is just wrong)

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