I, Anonymous: I Use My Own Car and Gas to Bring You Your Burrito, So Tip Me!


Tip your driver, sunshine. Do we know if you tipped? Absolutely yes. We also know your name and where you live. You're not anonymous. And, yes, we talk about you.
OK, so you're saying that if you don't like my tip, next time you're going to adulterate my food? Shit on my front poarch in the middle of the night? Prank order stuff for me? What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Get a different job, lady.
@1 That's a new concept for you?
@3: Sure, that's why there's an entire class of people reduced to working for peanuts in the service economy. They could just climb out if they were niiiiiicer.

I worked several tip-dependent jobs in my early career (pizza delivery, food services, etc). Getting stiffed in the service industry is an unavoidable occupational hazard, and complaining aloud only makes it worse! There are cheapskates everywhere and you ain't gonna win this fight with either sugar or vinegar. You waste your own energy and sanity complaining. The only solution is a real living wage and nobody believes that will happen.

The solution I came up with to keep me from shitting on cheapskates' doorsteps? Don't count gratuities until the shift is done. Treat all customers the same, put the money in your pocket and go back to work without dwelling on it. Is it really worth raging and spinning your head over the $3 some doofus hipster didn't give you? Or are you a petulant beggar? The entitlement seems to be coming from the mouth of the letter writer. A gratuity is not a fee and is not called a fee for that reason.

If even then you constantly find that your gratuities are markedly low, then obviously you suck at what you are doing or you chose a very shitty job to waste your time & gas on. Time for sea-change at that point.
I make a personal decision to be a delivery driver and work for a living - now tip me! Talk about entitled. I guess we now know what field graduates of Evergreen college are going into these days!
Why is this targeted at men? I live on a fourth-floor walkup, and I always go downstairs to meet my delivery people. My significant other, a woman, explicitly orders heavy items from online sources so she won't have to carry it upstairs.

We both tip well, though. Is she exempt from tipping because vagina?
Being a Asshole, saying that you deserve a tip? For what? Doing your job? puh-leese! A tip is for Above & Beyond service level. just because you deliver food, doesn't entitle you to Jack-Shit.
@8) "tip is for Above & Beyond service level". And that is why you eat sneezers wherever you go. Also, I recommend you never ask to have your leftover food boxed up for you. Getting stiffed in the service industry is unavoidable, as is dishing karmic food service to twerps like you. Don't think it doesn't happen!!
I draw a distinction between the old school service industry and Uber and other new economy industries. Wait and bar staff employees are screwed because their industry successfully negotiated that tips are part of their income. Uber has said from the beginning that tipping isn't allowed. If you don't like what Uber pays you, don't take the job (I won't tip). Wait and bar staff, I'll happily tip to make up the difference. Everyone, if you want a living wage all around - get rid of tipping.
@9, if you believe in karma, you are sad indeed. And you deserve to get stiffed for believing that for boxing my food you deserve a tip. What you deserve for your assholeness is to have your card left open when you use it to pay for groceries at the store. The next 2-3 people behind you in line will appreciate it. Tip THAT!!
@10 - That's the story in Europe, no tipping.But then they are all living in "socialist states" where people expect to make a living wage.
@7 white straight men are the worse things in the world and must be exterminated unless they are cucks.

That's why. Women are entitled and don't have to tip EVER!!!
Instacart in my observation, pays little, expects much and exploits those who are desperate enough to sign up to work for them in the first place. Driving to deliver is not the same as waiting a table. You could get killed trying to deliver an order that was hard to fill in the first place to a location with high traffic and no parking. There are some customers who will not only not tip, but will give a bad review to the driver/delivery person. Only a truly desperate person would work under those circumstances. The able-bodied a**h***e customers are the worst. And they won't even look the delivery person in the eye because they know they aren't going to tip. They just spent a couple of hundred dollars on gourmet groceries from Whole Foods, but they won't tip the person working on contract with no benefits. Shame!
Shaming entitled people into tipping you seems guaranteed to produce the very opposite result.
@8 Cheap AND an asshole? I bet the ladies are just lining up ...
I will always tip as a matter of principle, but many service workers in Seattle don't even try to provide good service. And when I'm wearing my Amazon badge, maybe 1/3 are simply rude or even contemptuous. I've been yelled at multiple times while just getting food. Given your attitude I'm guessing you're one of the douchebags. Maybe try being nice to people and providing good service? I regularly tip 30-40% when I get good service, but it's rare in Seattle...

And if you think your job is bad because some people don't tip, go to Virginia. When I worked as a server there I made about $2.75/hr plus tips. And a lot of people don't tip. The bottom line is it's a fucked-up country and fucked-up economic system. Do everything you can to get an education or develop a skill set and get out of the service industry because automation will be eliminating most service industry jobs in the next 5-10 years, and I don't think Trump and the morons in DC are going to be throwing you a lifesaver.
@11) Just narrowly missed that presidential speech-writing gig, eh? I think a "BIGLY" here and a "YUGE" there and "BELIEVE ME" could have helped.
Can't we all just agree to pay a fair price for services and forgo this tipping B.S? Think about all of the time, effort, and hurt fee-fees that we could save.
In general do people tip on order amount or amount of items when getting delivery from Prime Now?
It doesn't surprise me a college kid might get Chipotle delivered to their dorm room, but good lord, visualizing the gap between the delivery driver's and recipient's station in life would make even the hackiest screenwriter take pause.
There's just something about *demanding* to be given *extra* money that defangs accusations that other people are entitled.

I'm not sure why someone drives for PostMates, but it's probably a good thing that PostMates doesn't know who this women is.
@18 why are you wearing your badge? I really don't get that, last time i was out drinking there was a group of amazon employees getting shit faced at the table next to me. I was shocked they all haf their badges on at the bar while getting shit faced. Just put the badge in your pocket.
Also as a general rule if the app allows tipping i tip through the app and if it doesn't then I don't tip. I don't like carrying cash.
Uber eats doesn't accept tips according to their website.

I haven't used uber eats before... but if you are going to work for a company that doesn't accept tips, you can't be mad when you don't get tipped.

I think the real bad guy here is uber, whose whole business model is tricking people to work for almost nothing.
I drive for online delivery services. The lack of tipping is abhorrent. I sometimes wonder if people think that the delivery fee goes to the driver. Usually a portion of it does, but not much. Drivers depend on tips. Without the tips you end up making less than minimum wage. The services are not concerned with paying their independent contractors - the subtle communication is that if the driver wants to be paid, they must get tips. Yet many customers feel no need to tip, and point back at the service. The drivers get shafted. People who do this work have few options, or are in transition.

Whoever Anon is, I understand. The reactions of the people here who are angry that someone expects to get paid for their work are lousy. If that's how you feel, you shouldn't be asking people to come to your house.
@27 do you drive for both uber and postmates? I've only used postmates since it allows tipping, but am interested in why people choose to work for the uber services that don't allow tipping. If workers moved to more tipping services it would make those services cheaper for users (more drivers = less surge pricing) and make uber more expensive (less drivers = more surge pricing). Why do people still work for uber when they are so upset over its tipping policy. Not trying to snarky, actually wanting to understand:)
Hey everyone - you can tip your uber driver. It's a free country. Uber drivers appreciate the tip.

Uber uses that line about no tipping to market themselves as cheapest taxi service. Read the news - they are a fckrd up company that has a lot of shady biz practices.

But it's your choice. be a dick and don't tip. But don't pretend Uber makes you That way.
wow city living sounds fucking terrible, why do people choose to live like this
Now we all know which Slog posters don't tip people who provide the services to them! Yo, non-tippers, Anon doesn't have to spit in your food, he/she/they only have to NOT pick up your food! Get a rep as an A-hole entitled cheapskate, and eventually it will be known by all, and you'll have to schlep to the stores/restaurants yourself.

@7 Maybe because she's talking about HER experience?
@28. I'm not going to name the services I drive for, but I have driven for several. There's a lot I could say on this topic, but I need to hold on to my driving gigs for a few more months. While I have some criticisms of the gig economy in general, and delivery gigs in particular, the experience has been invaluable. I'm ultimately grateful for the work. I would have been homeless without it.
@29 then why drive for a company that doesn't have a tipping option? I tip 20% at restaurants and on Lyft. But I never tip on uber because I don't carry cash. Yet often uber has more drivers then lift so there isn't surge pricing and i can get picked up quicker. There's really nothing special about the technology that uber has, lyft has the same. Why drive for uber if getting a tip is that important? Heck a couple days uber driver strike would go farther to getting a tip option add then this constant attempt to shame those that don't tip uber drivers. Want a tip option, have a large amount of drivers only work for services that have a tip option for a week. The drivers have a lot of power if they could semi organize.
The companies pit the drivers against the customers and slip out the back laughing all the way to the bank. Uber tells the customer they don't need to tip, and implies to the driver they should pull in tips if they don't want to drive a sixteen hour day.

I understand being pissed with entitled customers who hold the most immediate fix, but you know who's one entitled chap? Travis Kalanick.
@34 - I can't speak for uber drivers. I personally hope that uber drivers would organize and work for better protections for themselves. In the meantime, it doesnt excuse their customers who know better from taking advantage of the drivers' situation. And if you can order takeout, but can't afford to give a tip, you should at least acknowledge the work and effort they expended to bring it to you. Empathy and gratitude are free.
@21 Flat rate for Prime Now, just like I do for food delivery.
@36 what situation? Why can't they go to lyft? So they can't stop working for uber and move to lyft, but I'm supposed to find a bank machine at 1am while I'm drunk as shit or else I'm taking advantage of em? Sorry at this point drivers who want tips should work for services that allow tips and avoid services that don't have a tipping option.

Of course people who take lyft (or get paid postmates) and don't tip are horrible.

Seriously though a lot of ppl don't carry cash, I don't and the nearest place to get cash from my house is about a 15 min walk. If i need a ride I'm going to just use the app that allows me to get picked up the fastest and if more ppl drove for lyft they'd get tipped
@36 agree 100% that you should be nice to em. Anyone who isn't is a huge jerk
It's like this... if you have an interaction with someone who is providing you a service and you aren't going into it with the mindset of "I'm going to be a great customer", what does it say about you? I get it, shit happens, industry workers make mistakes, sometimes an interaction isn't optimal on the service providers side, but how the hell do you expect a service worker to be at 100% when they deal with people who give them an 80% all day? We see you, your cheap nature shames you.

Unless you're poor. Then you're fine, we get it. Just don't be a fuck, please.
With postmates who gets the delivery fee? I was just gonna use it to get some chicken tenders from ezells but it wants 17 bucks (plus 3 buck service charge) for a 9 buck order! Does this $17 bucks go to the driver?

4 @3: Sure, that's why there's an entire class of people reduced to working for peanuts in the service economy. They could just climb out if they were niiiiiicer.

Service industry jobs are not intended to be careers. If the OP likes driving she could get a CDL and make 5 times what she is now. People are so helpless now and play the victim card all too often.