It was a split-second decision at my co-op that. left me feeling worse than if I had dropped my phone. As I loaded my groceries on the belt, I realized I needed one more thing. I asked the checker to hang on and I'd run to get it. I offered the customer behind me to go ahead in line. This twenty- or thirtysomething only had a few purchases anyway. "Are you sure?" he said. "Yep, okay," I said and put my grocery bag on top of my stuff. It was one of those cute insulated ones with a Liberty print—super useful and one of a kind. I had a flash that maybe I should take it with me, but instead I took off. I came back and the bag wasn't there—because it was ripped off intentionally. I bet that dark-haired, average-looking shit knows where it is. This might sound like a lot of bougie whining, but I'm not going to stop being nice!