I, Anonymous: Fuck You and Your Laptop


Ahhhh, the world is changing around you and you don't want it to change. Tough titty. My guess is that this guy and his oh so smug smile like the music and atmosphere and doesn't want it to change either. It's the owner of the bar/real estate that makes that decision. Also, the more people that come in and spend their money in the bar the more likely it is to stay put. You'd probably like the guy if you weren't such a you don't belong asshole snub. Way to cut your nose off to spite your face - "Ha ha we ran all those money spending posers off - ha, ha - oh, wait, way is the bar closing."
A real punk would have spilled a drink on this enemy of the people.
What bar was it?
I'll go and kick his ass for you!
I used to be that young guy in a suit. Grew up Kent poor and then got a UW degree and spent 3 years in Asia wearing a suit every day and continued through a first IT job where I could have worn a t-shirt and jeans. (Reverse culture shock.) Be careful with first impressions - though you're probably right :).
LW is pretty astute to glean this enemy of the people's occupation, financial status, music preference, and place of origin just from his suit and computer.
I would like to add that Seattle does not, will not, and never needed these people in order to keep ANY bar open.
Plus, had they not come here, I can guarantee that the bar in question WOULD'VE BEEN A WHOLE LOT COOLER!!!!
Beacause us natives made Seattle! It's our home and we are NOT GIVING IT TO YOU!
Good grief, talk about snobs, Anon fit's the bill. You know, "back in the day" I was punk. Then I grew up. I still listen to the music, hang out with those of my punk friends who are still alive and also grew up... Sorry if we all don't live in a Crust House anymore and buy our threads at Goodwill. But maybe you too, Anon, should have grown up. If you had, you wouldn't still be working at some shit job you hate making barely enough to survive. Or is that what makes you OG Cool? Get a clue.
So all that's required to judge and discriminate against people is to make sure they have a suit & laptop?
@6 you clearly don't own a business or work in the service industry out here. If the money spends, no one who matters cares what the person spending it looks like. So long as it pays my bills, let that suit wearing whomever they were order another round so long as they tip well. Other wise fuck em.
As I learned from a previous disaster, noone owns the city. It belongs to the universe and it's fate more likely lies in our ability to rebuild and work together after an earthquake, rather than which culture wins out. We have no choice but to co-exist in the end. In the grand scheme of things, this person is consuming themselves with a non issue when they could be focusing on disater preparedness or reducing their carbon footprint.
To the best sister in the world:

I got the job!!! Wooooohooooooo!!!! You were right, as always. Getting a "normal" boring-ass haircut and losing the face rings went a long way. Thank you so much for helping me pick out a decent suit and letting me borrow your spare laptop too. I had to get a drink in our favorite bar when I got the news... then email you... gotta have priorities! ;-) It feels so weird in this place though, I can't belive all the crazy nights we had here...

Anyway, when I get some cash in the bank I'll be the one to visit this time! Can't wait to see you again.

luv u

#12, you win the comment board today. Your sister is lucky to have you as a brother.
Was he doing anything that affected you? Maybe he just likes punk music? Maybe he went to that bar because he felt more comfortable there than in some stuffy coffee shop with a bunch of other people wearing suits? Maybe he didn't know what the bar was, but just went in to check it out and do some work?

I don't really see what this guy is guilty of other than having taken some kind of job where he wears a suit...is it fair to blame him for all the economic changes going on in Seattle or the broader economy? He's just one person, not the embodiment of everything you decry.
Exactly where are people supposed to go I wonder. New York, San Francisco Bay, Seattle, just to name a few cities in which certain residents angrily demand that their cities or their neighborhood remain unchanged or not accept new comers.
The problem isn't the guy with a laptop, its the guy in a suit
Oh the joy of projecting, so much more fun than thinking of things to better oneself.
Gentrifiers are like Hipsters. They're always somebody else.

Look you dip shit punk kid. You displaced somebody when you got here. Some 60 year old working class tradesmen was drinking in that same bar (or the bar that was there before it got converted into a hipster hangout) when Rainier Beer was $.75 a can and you and your dumb shit friends came in and thought "Wow, this place is so GENUINE and, like, rustic and punk!"

Just shut up and drink your shitty $4.00 PBR.
Bernie Sanders wears suits.

He might even use a laptop, and enjoy him some punk music.

@19 - Yep.
lol. Is there much more pathetic than aging punks complaining about people who've gone corporate? BITCH U R A BRAND
So this anonymous thinks there's a 1:1 correlation between "people who wear suits" and "people who tear down buildings that contain businesses I like"?

A rich fantasy life keeps things interesting, I suppose.
"YOU AND YOUR KIND" ?????? really?
@6, and when did you roll into town?
Lol I don't know any tech workers who wear suits--at least get your stereotypes straight if you're going to whine in a public forum. I do know an unemployed artist who wears a suit everyday, smirks a lot and hangs out in punk bars. Was he skinny with curly brown hair by chance?
These comments do not give me hope that Seattle has a chance to remain the cool place it is (was) The heart of this place was kind, caring, and completely against the corporate greed machine that doesn't care who suffers so they can be wealthy.
My city is dead.
I really wish these newbies would at least realize WHY this place WAS special.
Don't think they have the intellect to do so.
These are not Seattle people.
Make Seattle Great Again! Out with the people that are not from here! All the problems started when they came!

God I love America :')
@27 - What a load of romanticized tripe.
@27 Yes, Cami, the scene is dead. I hear Lynnwood is punk as hell.
@27 was it ever a special place to be for people like me who work at Amazon? I've been here 2 years and I hear and see a lot of anti-Amazon sentiment. I don't feel like I belong at all or that many people want me here solely because I work in tech. This place isn't "kind and caring", its mean and judgmental. Sorry we're ruining your cool kids club city (even though Seattle has been a major tech epicenter for 20 fucking years)
Envy is a terrible gas which people breathe in and which makes them stupid. I, Anon, you hate the guy in the suit with the MacBook because he probably has resources. Did he look at you mockingly, throw his drink in your face, moon you, boast of his riches? He did nothing to you. You're total strangers. Get over your fantasies of total ownership of the neighborhood. You were probably the invading blight a few years past. By the way, since when is a punk bar--the real kind--so fragile that it can be destroyed by a matching jacket and pair of pants?
Sadly, the author hasn't ventured out of their hypocritical bubble long enough to see how unpunk their ideals are. No real punk would give a shit what anyone is wearing at a punk bar, punk show, or anywhere else. You sound like the type that real punks don't want to be around and would happily converse with the man in the suit instead, probably about something a bit less shallow than what the people at the bar are wearing. I can't help but think of one of my favorite moments, spoken by Guy Piccioto about some similarly minded dumbfucks bothering people at a show. In case you don't get it, you are the motherfucker, not the suit. "I saw you two guys earlier at the consumer truck and you were eating your ice cream like little boys and I though 'Those guys aren't so tough. They're eating ice cream, what a bunch of swell guys! I saw you eating ice cream pal! You're bad now but you were eating an ice cream cone and I saw you. That's the shit you can't hide! Ice cream eating motherfucker. That's what you are." Poser.
#1, Your screed would have been more convincing if your grammar wasn't so bad and some of your sentences had been proofread to make sure they made sense before you posted your comment. Next time, be sure to read for comprehension BEFORE clicking the Post Comment button.