Steven Weissman

Dude! Really? A couple times a week, if the weather is nice, I like to go to Green Lake. I walk around it, think about things, you know? It's helpful, therapeutic. Feel the sun, a slight breeze maybe. A few beautiful people out there, getting a run in, staying fit, looking good. It's appreciated. But then I see YOU. What theee FAWK? Sauntering around the lake in your little TUTU? Or whatever the hell you wanna call it. Your dong is flappin' around, semi-exposed, but still covered by some kind of dick cozy. NOBODY wants to see this! UNCALLED-FOR! Do you get off on that? Everyone is trying to enjoy what little good weather we may have this summer. Don't ruin it for them. You wanna expose yourself? I do believe there are beaches around that allow it. Go there!