Seattle is getting a "big" city feel, but we don't have to adopt all the trappings that usually entails. Remember all the stories out of NYC in the 1980s and '90s of folks strolling past muggings and rapes without even pausing to look, let alone trying to help? We were walking down the street today and saw a man lying on the ground hardly breathing and obviously in distress. We stopped to check on him and he wasn't able to reply, so we called 911. No, we weren't downtown or in some industrial wasteland section of the city. This was 5:30 on a Saturday evening on Market Street in Ballard! There were people walking past and some folks having a meal on a patio maybe 10 feet from where the man was lying. C'mon people! So many urban environments have gone the way of total narcissism, especially when they get a massive influx of money, but Seattle has always been different. So let's grow, share the prosperity, and, most importantly, retain our humanity.