I, Anonymous: Your Drone Is Now My Ashtray

I kept your drone because you're a dick.


sounds fair to me
Wait, he's an asshole because he was parking on the street in front of your neighbor's house? Sounds like all 3 of you are a piece of work.
no one owns the space in front of their house.
return the drone.

I had something similar in my old hood happen, between some neighbors so I'm inferring what's meant here is:

This is probably a part of town that forces residents to park on the street because the slanted driveways are an epic fail that didn't anticipate the future or no driveways at all. The old lady in this equation has asked that the drone owner to stop parking in front of her house because she's got mobility issues and its a struggle to get from her car to her house especially when she has to park some distance away. She asked the neighbor (maybe not necessarily nicely) to consider her needs and he responded like assholes do.

So if that's the case, you are a bit of a twat if you won't help an old lady out.
1 - The neighbor deserved a yelling at. Street parking is public property, if you think you own it, you're the dictionary definition of "entitled". Kudos to drone guy for giving the neighbor an earfull.

2 - LW, you're a straight punk bitch hater and no one put you in your place as a child. I hope next time you lose something, someone who knows its your decides to steal it anyhow.
@4 ... and you know she has mobility issues, how?

So OP is a thief and a coward, got it.
Why did a drone land in someone's back yard? I say the drone belongs to the person whose yard it landed in. Men seem to have a problem keeping track of their issues ... Unwanted pregnancies and wayward drones, so easily controlled.
Justice served. And more dicks exposed here.
Letter writer is a smug prick.
On a side note, if the elderly neighbor has mobility issues she could apply for an on street disabled parking place in front of her house.
I caught one of my neighbors peeping my girlfriend through the skylights with his drone. Knocked it out of the sky with my speargun and took it inside. Looked it up and it's worth over a thousand bucks. I gave it to the SPD to let them find the owner.
@12 - I am most interested in the speargunning part of this story.
I'm with #8, if you can't keep your drone out of other people's backyards, you lose. I feel like the parking excuse is just noise to distract us from calling this what it is: boys with expensive toys expecting everyone else is going to pick up after them. Letter-writer didn't need the Old Lady Defense. Errant and Arrogant Drone Owner not in control of his hi-tech hardware is plenty.

jeezus Anon, where the hell is this place? a frickin gated community in medina or sumptin? btw, old folks on meds with no close relatives nearby cause all sorts of shitstorms...parking on the street? she probably thought he was old blue eyes trying to steal her heart. btw Nice one for keeping something that isn't yours. You're such a nice addition to the community you thief.
eh, fuck drones and their owners.
@6 You're not good at reading and also comprehending, are you?

But whom does the drone want to be with? I say give the drone to the old lady.
It's simple, respect your elders. period. if you can't find it within yourself to respect your elders, you are an asshole and your toy deserves to be confiscated.
Respect is earned, not given. What has she done to earn our respect?

Also, the fact that the letter writer is a smoker is a definite demerit.
So #20, what has "she" done to "earn" respect? You young whippersnapper, she has survived many decades of living with selfish jerks and paid her taxes and stepped in dog poop without gunning people down. But watch your step because she could snap at any moment and whack you with her pointy umbrella.
I'm going to agree with @14. Stop sending your drone into other people's property - you don't deserve it back.
Mobility issues? Maybe.

I was once threatened with death by the adult son of my 70ish neighbor because I parked in front of their house so I could bring some heavy things into my house. He threatened me even though the old man had said this was ok, AND they had a garage! Which they used! The space was reserved for their kids. Who didn't live there.

The first day we lived there, we hadn't even met them, my friend parked his motorcycle in front of their house and the old woman came running up the stairs screaming at us.

They were bonkers. And mean. So maybe the old lady was nice and had mobility issues, or maybe she was a nasty person who thought she owned the parking space on the street in front of her house. People are weird and parking amplifies that weirdness 10 fold.
I just want to say that I'm really happy to let my neighbors park in front of my house when they need to and they seem respectful about not leaving their cars there all the time.

I'm also very happy to let the neighbors on the other side retrieve their drone, frisbees, or other toys when they come over the fence into my yard. I'm sure they would repay the favor.
I love this post.
Look, how am I supposed to get fresh content for my voyeur web site if I can fly my drone up to your bedroom window?
@18 funny! I started laughing on the light rail.
@ 12 Except for the fact that you have a creep in your neighborhood I love this. Spear gunning drones out of the sky. Oh my god thats good. Would be a great comic strip Callan.