I'm so torn... an electronics display in the middle of a produce aisle sounds annoying at any grocery store, but if it irritates the sort of person who considers a store 'theirs', that seems like a valuable public service.
So grow your own food and slaughter your own meat.
Or, continue the privilege of shopping for your food in a civilized world that caters to you.
Entitlement here reeks. Special Sally spends $20 a week at Whole Foods and now is issuing demands of how they run their business - those darn electronic things scare my vegetables!

Whole Foods started as a heartless company. Amazon bought it, and it is still a heartless company. It never had any loyalty to you. The LW's personal religious investment in a grocery store is a head scratcher indeed.
Go shop at PCC. Fixed!
Seconded on PCC! There are many (ten, maybe?) PCC locations in the Seattle area and the food, in particular the produce and prepared food, is leaps and bounds better than what can be found at Whole Foods.
Whole Foods refugees should turn to Seattle's REAL health food store - PCC. Much better in so many ways because it is owned by the people who shop there. Amazon stinks and Whole Foods is a theme park for their overpaid lazy-ass employees.
This kid is going to grow into one of those "keep your government hands off my medicare" idiots and probably thought Whole Foods was a really well run co-op. Their anti-corporation rant was probably written on an iPhone.
I'm so fortunate to have a Community Co-Op just down the street.
Is there really any difference between paying $80.00 for a bag of groceries at PCC, “Whole Paycheck”, QFC, or Safeway? I mean really over-priced groceries is over-priced groceries and no matter what, you’re still just flushing it down the tubes anyway and I’m sure the water treatment folks don’t care what grocery store the dung came from yesterday.
@8 - Yes.
Whole Foods is the Walmart of 'natural' foods. Crying about one megacorporation taking over another is silly and precious.

Aren't there neighborhood farmers' markets in Seattle?

Another "I, Annonymous" where someone bitches about Amazon or its employees "ruining" Seattle.

Didn't see that one coming.
@8, seriously? Do you have taste buds?
@8, PCC is a co-op, which means that by owning a membership share and shopping there regularly, you get to vote for the Board of Directors without going through a bunch of Wall Street rigamarole. When's the last time Safeway or Whole Foods let ordinary shoppers off the street do that?

They also have stringent standards regarding what goes on the shelf. You will find nothing at PCC that contains high-fructose corn syrup, which is usually GMO.
Dear Anon, your problem isn't that Amazon is stocking their Spyware, er, Echo at their grocery stores, it's that you're shopping there, at Whole Foods, where many (most) of the "organic" and "natural" products are neither organic nor natural! If you don't want Amazon to kill all the grocers, like they did the bookstores, then don't give them your money. Otherwise, stop complaining about their trying to take over everything, or their employees' behavior!
Sheesh white people
@3 and @4 yes, the noble choice etc etc, except I can't go in one anymore because the customers drive me nuts...I mean, let the employees stock the shelves, etc, they don't want to hear you go on about your food allergies and digestive system or slave labor practices in the fig jelly industry...worse than that is Trader Joe's, especially on Queen Anne, where you have to watch the white rich kids interact with their rich parents,,,it makes me want to puke. Thank you.
@19 Don't forget about that newsletter they send out. PCC is a great store, but that newsletter is a crazytown full of conspiracies and unscientific nonsense. Also, I'm still pissed they refuse to build a store anywhere outside of bougie areas, leaving those of us in the center of the city with Madison Market (seriously, fuck that place and its self-righteous employees).
@21 PCC helped Mad Market stay afloat years ago with an infusion of cash. Part of the agreement was that PCC would leave most of the area to them, for better or worse. However, I believe there's talk of a new one in Madison Valley somewhere.
@8) Yes, you can get good cheap food, suitable for you, at the pet store.
why is this person shopping at Whole Foods in the first place?

PCC is overpriced shit for granola wool hat birkenstock wook mommies. The Ballard Market/Central Market stores have tons of great shit without the pretension.
@22 a funny thing to note is, it's actually an illegal business practice to promise not to compete against a competitor. Madison Market, Capitol Hill Co-op, whatever they call it these days, it's the worst. I wish they would open up a PCC on Capitol Hill.
What generation of gentrifier are we on now when we have the Whole Foods shopper complaining about the Amazon takeover?
@26, a bold new age of keeping up with the Jonses,,,,I'm greener than Thou,,,,by the way I loved your performance in Five Easy Pieces and Airport '75...
Grocery Outlet is great! Usually they are playing R &B at the one in the CD... and much cheaper.
I really like all the Central Markets I've been to in our area. It's my first go-to when I can't find something at the grocery stores closer to my home.
OP, you sound pretty salty. Maybe you should reduce your sodium intake?
In the 3 years I’ve been here I’ve yet to see these supposed Amazon employees running around town acting like the "chosen ones”. I've seen thousands quietly, sometimes awkwardly walk to work, but that's it. How entitled!

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