I, Anonymous: Hey, SPD, Stop Horsing Around


I propose a deal: We can ban horse cops if we also ban dogs.
Liking the illustration very much.
Horse-mounted officers are very important in some scenarios (crowd control, anyone?). And in order for horses to function in those scenarios, they need to be and stay acclimated to city noises, movements, crowds, and people. From what I understand, these horses live a cushy life, enjoy the work, eat well, and are beloved and respected by all. What exactly is the problem here?
“Concrete garbage heap that is downtown”

Your opinion sucks.
I have to admit that I'm with IA on this one. I'm not sure where horsey police are any better than bike cops here. It sounds like an ego thing here. Sometimes we have to agree that times have changed and move on.
Oh goodie, a bike rider whining about horse shit. I have worked in downtown Seattle for plural decades and I have seen horse cops fewer than ten times total. I would be thrilled to see more horses downtown. Fewer bikes and whiners, more horses. Extra credit for steaming piles of green shit.
@6, most bikes won't let you see above a crowd the way a horse will. Also horses are heavy (crowd can't knock you over) and smart (horse knows not to run over a person), unlike bikes. And you can use your arms while riding a horse. Most people can't use their arms very well while riding a bike, especially in very crowded locations.
Say what you will about SPD/SPOG, but at least they don't (as far as I know) perpetrate this bullshit.
Yawn-clearly millennials who are all opinion and no experience. Next up. “SPD: your uniforms are too tight and turning me on against my will”.
Officer Douglas C. Neidermeyer and Trooper are ba-ack from National Lampoon's Animal House?! Holy shit, Otter!
they should scrape the poo into city planters, great fertilizer
@4 is right on. And they help provide a positive image for the cops. They can move around easier than cars, and yes, the horse cops do indeed write tickets. Versatility is a good thing, and there are places where horses are the best "vehicle". Tolerance of others would also be a good thing. Christ.
I recall a situation some time ago (1977) when the police in Seattle used horses very effectively to break up a crowd of people that was starting to be a mob. It was during a Fat Tuesday celebration on a Saturday night. There was free live music and of corse a lot of people around. When the performances were over too many people milled around on the streets; all of the bars were full and not letting anyone in. An ambulance was trying to drive through but the streets were literally full of people; a few horse mounted policemen were able to clear a path very effectively but some people got angry and started to throw things. At this point, more horse mounted showed up along with rows of foot patrolmen. The crowds were pushed back and a potential riot was averted.
I like the horse cops, they are the best option for places like parks, lakeshores, Seattle Center. And they definitely look better and more environmentally responsible than those fuggly black SUVs!
Actually, if anyone is interested in research and facts: studies show a correlation between having bike cops (and horse cops) and lower incidents of arrests, uses of force, and overall less crime. That means cities that use bike/horse cops as an alternative to patrol cars see a decrease in crime, violence, and cops using force. They are safer for everyone, and more effective at de-escalation. AI could maybe learn to do some fucking research before pitching a #45 type fit.
If ever there were an image that got crowds to think twice and didn't require riot cops, it is someone on a horse. Until you have stood next to a healthy horse, you just don't get it. Plus, I am sure thye lead pretty cush lives otherwise.
Dogs and horses are indispensable for any large police department. We depend on them in dozens of ways. Police horses are gentle but strong, did you know that a horse will never deliberately step on a human or pet? I am opposed to a lot of things about the SPD, but animal partners are not one of them.
@4: Agreed. My only concern is about how well adjusted the police horse(s) is / are to an urban street environment. Animals can be tempermental, and some are better suited for the job than others.
@11: I was only trying to be funny here, from the illustration.
@13 & @15: Agreed. Well said.
For some reason I find the idea of a bike rider complaining about piles of horse shit in their bike lanes to be quite pleasing.
Not for the first time, I suspect IA are being written in-house. The need to use what used to be a kinda-funny bit (20 years ago in the print-only days) as click-bait is a bummer.