I, Anonymous: Leash Your Damn Dog, You Clueless Ass


Agreed ALL dogs belong on a leash in public areas. No exceptions.
And then anon retreats to her "think about my child" hysterics, and the unmistakable smell of her white entitlement comes wafting through. She knows she is being an entirely petty NIMBY, but if she can try to tie her pearl-clutching in with the welfare of her child, she will garner enough mommy sympathy get friendly back-pats in the comments section. Her problem is her own deformed belief that her own existence should shape the behavior of everyone else. Self-entitled honkies are the only societal group who believe their thoughts should be the behavioral standard for other people.
Gee, thanks, I, ANON, for offering yet one more reason to avoid dog people!
@1 lol. Great comment. Leash laws should apply to kids as well.
My dog is terrified of children. I do my best to position myself between her and any child I see, and alert everyone within earshot that she's not friendly, but since children are rarely leashed many will still try to approach my dog, or sneak up behind us and grab her. I'm with @1 and @3. Please leash your children.
You know what urban dwellers who don’t leash their dogs really hate. When you pull out a knife or other daily-use implement as their animal charges thus forcing you to defend yourself. It may end in tears, but it’s a lesson learned for idiot liberals who think the city core is their personal off-leash dog park.
I assumed EVERY park in Seattle is a fucking dog park. I mean, try playing catch with your child at ANY park and chances are it will end up in pile of dog shit because dog owners are so irresponsible and inconsiderate of others. Thank the universe most of them think of their pets as children because they definitely don't need a real child.
@3: Or better yet, just don't have any.
Your kid is going to have to get used to dogs, the world is full of them. Get over yourself.
@1 such hate & BTW honky is a racist slur you fucking stupid heathen.
@9: I hear they have mobile units (with dog whistles!) out, cruising the streets whenever the pullet / pork supply dwindles. You probably don't know much of anything about them, either....
@1 Not keen on dogs. Hate racists more.
super cool that anon never mentioned their gender in the post, but the artist and 1 assumed it was just another crazy woman
@10) "Stupid Heathen" is also a slur, no? I guess you are just used to talking out your ass.
tell your son to grow a pair. he's going to have too at some point.
Fuck your kid lmao, if you want people to give a shit about your cry baby kid move to edmonds where there is one of those plastic SLOW DOWN sign in the shape of a turtle lmao. you have a valid point but your sense of entitlement to think that the world needs to conform to your kids fears and anxieties Is wild. You're going to raise an anxious lil baby that can't handle the natural life long feeling of FEAR. Buck up sis, maybe your kid will too.
Mommy posting aside, I agree, a lot of dog people suck.

One of my co-workers (entitled white lady) was seriously offended when while out getting lunch, she was told off for ambushing some random dog owner and said dog so she could pet it without even an attempt at asking permission first. How dare this dog owner get angry that some random, entitled stranger manhandle their dog because she just loves dog sooooo muuuuuuuch. How dare they indeed.

So it ain't just kids.
@5 ROThornhill: Go back to the 20th Century Limited and stay there, Roger O. Thornhill. Fight Van Damme and his thugs on Mount Rushmore. Make love to Eve Kendall. Catch a Hitchcock flick and get a clue. Cary Grant would be rolling his eyes.
@18 does the fact she was white make her even more despicable?
@18: Oh yeah, it also happens plenty with grownups, but I feel way less bad when my dog barks in their faces. Kids need to be taught not to grab unfamiliar animals, adults should have already learned it.
LOL NIMBY moms. I hope that dog eats your kid's face. Nobody asked you to reproduce.
Dogs and children are both pretty much yuppie luxuries at this point.
@22&23. A couple prime examples of losers who’s genetics die with them. Natural selection will be leaving you, your bitterness, and selfish nature to grow old, wither and die without passing any of your garbage ideas or genetic material on.

You’re already forgotten.
@24 Nah, I'm good, thanks. I actually work with children and I'm dedicated to making their lives better. That doesn't mean I'm blind to economic realities though.
@25 Youre “dedicated to making their lives better”... you actually have little to zero impact on a child’s life compared to their parents, or at all for that matter. One of the best ways to proliferate good citizens, ideas, and societies is to create and shape them one little good citizen with good ideas at a time.

Overpopulation is rampant...in third world Africa and Asia. People are having more children than they have resources to support. Females are segregated and pushed out of education because of a very real patriarchal societal structures.

The west is struggling to maintain population stasis. So the excuse that the world is overpopulated is true, but not for you.

I personally don’t think you should have kids. You sound weak and like you’ve been brainwashed to feel guilty about your own existence. We need less of you and more of people who aren’t afraid of “economic realities” ie, people with real jobs who can support their families.
ALL you people sound like self-important, entitled pricks. Who the fuck are YOU to determine who lives or dies.
@26 Wow, you can tell all that from reading fewer than 40 words I wrote on the internet! Amazing!

Hard as this might be to believe, I was aware that overpopulation isn't distributed evenly over the globe. But thanks for pointing out something I learned in eighth grade and that everyone who's done any reading at all during the last 30-odd years already knows.

Given how charming and insightful you are over the internet (people who call other people "brainwashed" are never arrogant, insufferable twits in my experience) I'm certain you're a terrific parent and model citizen. Congrats.

Hey Anonymous, maybe present your proposal in person to your arch nemesis. Posting your blather here is noble, if your 9 years old. Why not use your communication skills to thwart this impending disaster and have a chit chat 1st... if that doesn't work , You can arrange to meet the dog and its master after school, say near the monkey bars for a good ass whooping..
Nothing in Anonymous's message indicates she's white, let alone that she's Ole Miss in the Big House, as #1 and other posters desperately want to believe. The woman is concerned for her kid because unleashed dogs are unpredictable, and yo, there is a fucking leash law. Which the clueless retard running the streets with his drooling pooch should obey, since we are not in the fucking high sierras. By the way, #29, it doesn't always work to use communication skills. When I did so, the owner was offended, put his hand on the head of his snarling mutt and snapped "She's been trained off-leash," and after this genius reply strode away.
Let me see if I understand this... This person has a dog that is not 'super friendly'? And a child that is terrified of dogs? Gee, no wonder that kid is terrified! If it was my child I would re-home the dog so my child stops being terrified all of the time.
Well, dog my cats, #31. Let me see if I understand you. You're assuming that the dog who is not "super-friendly" to total strangers is mean and dangerous to the little kid who belongs to his own pack? Gee. How whimsical of you. Actually when a dog is unfriendly to strangers, about 98% of the time it's because he sees himself as protecting his own. That would be the humans to whose pack he belongs. And he would be especially protective of the very young. Is re-homing essential here? Not bloody likely.
Ah. It's time for the quarterly dog-hate click bait I see.
All you assholes wouldn't dare say these things on FB under your real names because you're nothing but cowards.
People with unruly dogs suck. Leash your dog, and pick up after it you fucking twit.
Parents with unruly kids suck. Discipline them like children should be disciplined. Everyone likes good children, but nobody like entitled-little clone fuckers.
@34: This seems like more of a child-hate thread, mixed with a “we don’t understand that using overpopulation to scold parents as privileged is itself an insanely privileged act” thread.
If you’d rather rant online than confront the person with the friendly off leash dog- than you better be ready for the comments that follow.

Be a grownup and communicate clearly and kindly to this major offender with a kind dog. Remind them that mean people raise mean dogs with no social skills.

Do your dog a favor and re-home it.
Do your kid a favor and help him/learn about dogs who were raised by good less angry people.

Do yourself a favor and go sit on a rock and think about how dumb you sound spreading this toxic crap on the internet.

Introspection is dead.
Jeebus. Helicopter pet parent vs. helicopter human parent standoff. Solution: Online gripe spiced with plenty of "but ME!!!!" This week's column brought to you by Ballard.
That escalated quickly

It ain't just dog owners and it ain't just parents... practically everyone on this planet is selfish and oblivious to others. Everyone does what they like and they either assume everyone loves them or they don't give a shit.

Welcome to Earth.
I’m still trying to figure out why everyone is referring to the parent as a woman. Because moms walk kids and dogs and dads don’t? That dickswinging “I’ll come out fighting” tone sounds more like a hypothetical dad to me.
@39 Word!
@40: People always expose their biases this way.

People are assuming this person is female because of their passivity, because females are "supposed" to be passive.

The white assumptions are simply racist hatred towards whites, because they force themselves to believe that only white people do bad or entitled things.

Only thing I can tell you is that no one who actually cares about their dog is willing to let it get into a fight to prove a stupid point. So the letter itself is likely fake, though it describes a common scenario.
Rich white lady here, seven-figure nest egg with hundreds of thousands more vesting every other year. I pay more tax per year than you do in a decade. My money supports the 'parks' that looser horndog techies and 'hipsters' fill with vile dog poo. Take you poo off my grass! We laff at the lonely dudes reduced to snuggling dogs, not tanned, toned women like me with taut butts and flat tummies. My Volvo is better than your substitute wife....