Shaddup, Newman
I bet he forgot to ring twice.
So the illustrator for this feature is now anonymous also?
“Postal workers take a hand-over-heart oath to protect and properly deliver the mail”. That is until they take a dump in your yard or find a years worth of mail in a carriers garage.………
Surprised they took a dump in your yard, Thorny, with your mailslot so close at hand ... Careful how you berate them -- they've been know to go Postal...
@5 ROTFL. mailslot? No worries there, “progressive” mail thieves destroyed those so many times, I needed to go private.
Well, this is an improvement over prior "going postal" events so there is that.
@7 -- yeah, haven't they come a LONG ways in a very short time.... Imagine if, somehow the NRA could follow suit and re-became the Voice of Gun Sanity* they were, before the Korporate Koup in '77.

* compared to now…
I miss the days when "going postal" meant a bit more than just an angry anonymous letter.
I love my mail carrier. She's Peggy, greets me with a smile and a hello, and always knocks when she has something too big for the box. That reminds me - I need to send her a thank you card.
I have always, and to an extent still, defend the Postal Service and their carriers. But, I gotta say, our carrier in Ballard sucks. Pleasant, sweet, lady, for sure but, Totally undependable. Shows up at any time of the day, no consistency. Close to once a week, never shows up at all. We have things to get done, business to keep moving. Not even showing up on some days is unacceptable.
Sure which my postal carrier was this good. Instead he used to throw packages on my neighbor's balcony. To which I have no access (and the apartment is empty). Finally got him to stop doing that little stunt. I hope.
I buy a lot of stuff on the internet, and the USPS is, hands down, the best of the delivery services, and Fedex is the absolute worst. I won’t deal with a shipper who insists on Fedex. Completely incompetent and ridiculously expensive.
My postman would always leave the flap of my top-opening mailbox open, even in the rain, until I complained.

Never stole anything, though.
For some reason my postal worker has a crush on me. Sounds creepy, but I have a really long and steep driveway - so hey, it's worth it for the door step deliveries.
@11 That day she doesn't show up is probably her day off and your postmaster isn't properly covering the shift because USPS is badly understaffed.

It's understaffed because a GOP Congress in 2006 made them prefund 75 years of retirements since they can't amend the post office out of the constitution.
#17: they made them forward-fund 75 years of retiree health benefits, to be precise-which means they are prefunding the retiree health benefits of some employees who have not as yet been born.

All to destroy a federal agency no one has any truly valid reason to want destroyed.

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