Chances are the next person who lives in your apartment with shoot him.
@1, what if the next person doesn't think like you?
@1 Actually, miserable turds who hate musicians are a minority.
Popelick: Maybe you should curb your snotty attitude AND proofread your comment before posting it. Idiot.
“Chances are the next person who lives in your apartment with [sik] shoot him.”

While thank god (so far) the odds don’t favor this,* it could be as high as 50/50.

We owe it ALL to Today’s NRA!
Thanks, NRA.
Guns for EVERYONE!
And Weapons, World Round!
War! Let’s GO!
There's Money to be made.

* Say YES to massive funding for mental health care in America
Or, tax cuts for multi-Millionaires and Billionaires may be more your style.
"The perfect echo of notes that comes spilling from your horn, no real songs but lovely ambient sound, breezes into my nearby window and always makes me smile."

What a wonderful bonus / endorsement for your apartment.
Perhaps a sound engineer may be its next resident...
I’ve seen this. It’s a take off an old Simpsons episode. The Simpsons, “Moaning Lisa”, Ep. 6 Season 1, 1990
“The Blues ain't about feeling better; it's about making other people feel worse”.
.... Bleeding Gums Murphy to Lisa
This "I Anon" makes me think of this song.…
#1: and as to you, Go lick a monster Pope.
I used to "blow off" a bit of residual steam after my paying gigs around King-Pierce-Snohomish counties. One night, a very polite SPD officer showed up and said there were "noise complaints", between Broadway E and 15th, but she very much enjoyed the standards I was blowing on tenor sax – and threw $5 in my case, after which I quietly departed.
@3) I guess you want other dufus hipsters to join your minority?

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