Sometimes a few kind words can be the most powerful and profound, even if all they are is just a few kind words.


Awwwwww. Thank you, I, ANON, and the sweet older lady who sat with you at 5 Points. This made my day, proving that a few kind words really can and do go a long way.


Kindness, along with its arch enemy, cruelty, can and do go a long, long ways...

What kind of Planet do we wish to live on?


@3 kristofarian: I'll go with Door #1: A kinder, gentler, self-sufficient one with clean air and water; voting rights, women have control over our bodies; healthcare for all, and a true democracy without all the bureaucratic electoral bullcrap.
One dumb question: If we can't educate RepubliKKKans, can we get rid of them, instead? It appears so many RepubliKKKans already have their one-way passports for Mars.


It’s fantastic that you’re able to receive kindness with such positive internal responses. It took me ages to have any kind of appreciation for the little things after my divorce.

Also great to see a humanity-positive I, Anonymous letter.


great kid and a great dad.


people who bring children to restaurants are the worst


5 POINT is an oasis of sorts, that I have used variously over the years,,,usually to quench an alcoholic thirst,,,,of course I have also seen a person tossed like a missile out the front door and crashing on the bricks in a red touchdown splash, teeth too,,,,,,,remember when they had all that lingerie on the ceiling? Anyway, glad that the joint is still there, like they say cheating drunks and tourists since 1929...


Separate OT convo: thanks to the LW for the reference to the 5 Point Cafe. I'll file that away for future use.

We were in Seattle for two days in 2016, staying at an AirBnB on Capitol Hill that didn't have the second B so we were forced to find breakfast elsewhere. Nowhere on Capitol Hill! We walked down Pike/Pine - nothing. We finally got breakfast an hour later at the Pike Market.

Don't people in Seattle actually eat breakfast? Ever? Or is it all a grab-and-go from fucking Starbucks?

I get it - busy people don't have sit-down breakfasts. I didn't when I was working. But to not have a single, sit-down breakfast venue anywhere along two major transportation corridors (except in hotels)? WTF?

Yeah, put me down as next week's I, Anon. :)


@10 Capitol Hill is full of breakfast; i lived there for 27 years and never had a problem getting breakfast somewhere, 24/7.... anyway


@11 Wild Bill
I don't doubt you, but in 2016 we couldn't find a single place on Broadway or Pike/Pine - all the way from Capitol Hill to the Pike Market - that was open at 8:00 to serve a full breakfast. Seriously - nothing. Every place we walked by was open for brunch - at 10:00 - on a weekday!
I'd like to know where you - or other Seattle locals - had a full breakfast on Capitol Hill at 8:00 so I can eat there the next time I'm in Seattle.
And I'm not being snarky anymore - I really want to know.


Glo's, Lost Lake, Pettirosso, cafe Presse, Skillet diner...


Thanks! I'll look them up next time I'm in Seattle.

Don't know how I missed them while walking down what are supposedly main streets in supposedly urban areas.


Sweet. See? There ARE gracious people left somewhere on this planet. But a 4 year-old at the Five Point? Gosh...that's not the Five Point I remember. Even on Sunday. Even for breakfast.


@12 oddfellows cafe between pike and pine on 10th and an ihop 2 blocks away from pine and 10th... i’m wondering, though, even at 8am, didja stop and ask somebody ?


Ow, my feels. So good. Just..ow. Good ow, but ow.


Can I request some more nice I, Anons? This timeline could use them.

I'd send one in myself if I had any. I mean I'm not crying in my beer but got nothing special and uplifting here.

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