As I move around the city, one sight is a constant: people standing next to their leashed dogs as the dogs take a shit. Not something I want to see and probably not something the dog wants me to see, either. Credit to the owners, though, as they usually clean up before moving on. Now here’s my problem: Tons of people are walking around with bags of shit in their hands! When our paths cross and we stop to talk, what is the etiquette? Do I ignore the fact that you have a steaming pile of shit hanging from your hand? Or do I say, “Hey, Pastor Ron, that’s a nice bag of shit you’ve got there.” What if it’s my cute neighbor who’s very recently reached down and glommed her hand onto the dog logs she’s now carrying. What if I briefly stare at the bag of shit and look up and she’s staring at me? Is this an issue of societal dignity regression or simply me being disgusted by shit?

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