I'm Not Going to Talk to You If You're Holding a Bag of Shit



It's you, you need to get a life.


You're thinking way too hard about this. It's just you. No one else thinks this much about dog shit (unless it's about people who don't pick up their dog's poop or about people who throw their poop bags in other people's bin). If you stare at the bag or point it out though people will probably think you're weird. Like yeah, I know, the dog just pooped and the poo is now bagged in my hand. No need to tell me.




Way better that they carry it home than leave it as it lies. Let's not make it a thing by getting bent out of shape by pet owners who are actually doing what they should.


Really? This is what this person obsesses about? At least pet owners aren't holding bags of their own shit, so there is that.


@4, @5, and @6: Agreed.
Seattle has clearly gone to the dogs.


I bet the author is a cat herd owner.


I figure the author's either not taking advantage of Seatlle's fine selection of cannabis products or abusing the hell out of it. Wow, all that because some people with pets actually clean up after them? Consider the alternative. And get a life, for our sake.


I own and breed Golden Retrievers. These bags of shit are why I live on a farm, making them unnecessary.


Hey, Anon., they've neatly bagged up their dog's doody and are taking it home. They're not forcing it into your naked hand or up your nostrils. What is the problem? The problem, for me, comes when dog owners leave the bagged shit on the path or sidewalk and just walk away. What are they thinking? Do they believe some fiery angel is going to come down from heaven and clean up after them? My hero is the late Eddie Elson, a well-loved eccentric in our city, who once picked up a dog turd and rubbed it in the hair of a dog owner who was blithely walking away from his pooch's poop. Eddie, you are missed.


It’s you


I don't understand why people feel the need to bring their dogs everywhere. Hiking. Restaurants. The Store. It never ends. And then the people who let them run off the leash in public. Dog owners are like parents, only they think their pet is not annoying and is very special.


@13 Taking a dog hiking is WHY people should have dogs. Leaving your dog at home while you go hiking is borderline abusive.


13 needs to get a life, too. Go live out in the boondocks in a lean-to, only coming into civilization when you need some porn, batteries, and cooking oil. You're annoying and think you're special.


I laughed out loud. Thank you for this! Fantastic observation.


What do they do when it's really runny?
How can you pick that liquidy shit up?
(Should one double bag?)

Literal high fives to those doing their part.
Including the K9s.


"borderline abusive."

You are ridiculous. I love animals, including dogs. But people take it too far. Why should people be force to dodge unleashed dogs running up and down trails - which is dangerous - and listen to constant barking, which disrupts the peaceful calm nature is supposed to provide? I'm not saying don't take your dog outside, I'm saying be considerate of other people. And stop being so insecure, thinking you need your dog everywhere you go.


This guy's letter sounds like an episode of Seinfeld.


What if it had a picture of Donald Trump or Kshama Sawant on it?


Meanwhile, the world's biggest, most reprehensible bag of shit is illegally occupying the White House when it isn't playing in a swamp.


You could ask "that is DOG poop, isn't it?"
That question would either end the conversation, or make it far more interesting than you expected.


People carry many things with their hands. You walking around disturbed by the possibility of "are people are carrying feces" is a mental issue you should seek therapy for.


WB Yeats wrote that "Love has pitched his mansion in /The place of excrement". I think he very specifically was advising you to, shit sacks be damned, get after it!


the alternative is worse.. at least they are considerate enuf to pick it up. u r lucky to NOT live in
Thurston county where these mofos NEVER pick up dogshit...