Hey, ride-share and taxi drivers: The road does not belong to you just because you are on the job. A drive home on Capitol Hill leaves me and others impacted by the ubiquitous Priuses occupied by drivers who are occupying two lanes so that others can't move left or right to make a turn or continue on their path; driving 15 miles per hour on the arterial for no apparent reason; stopping in the middle of the street to consult their app; and failing to move right, let alone to the curb to pick up or discharge passengers. I know many of you are new here—welcome!—and your services help people get around and preserve rare street parking. But you don't get a pass on courtesy or the formal and informal rules of the road. Learn to drive right or find other work. And to passengers: Use your words to tell the drivers you hire to do the right thing. And don't be shy about using tips and ratings to educate or shame those who transgress.

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