Amen to this.


People can look and pretend to be anybody they want to be, as long as they are not directly bothering you, so get over yourself. That being said, always treat your server with respect, and expect the same back.


This is what it looks like when you start being annoyed by younger people being young.
Anonymous has just outed him/herself as an Old. All that is missing is the finger-wagging. (I'm snickering.)


I'm guessing the LW is 31 and only mad because the goofy kids hit a little too close to home.


@3 - As a born and bred Seattleite, I can assure you that being "old" ROCKS if you played your cards right! At 60, I wouldn't go back to 20 for anything! I'm retired, my health care is completely paid for as long as I live, no mortgage, and my monthly income (for doing nothing) pays for everything with still $4k left over since I have no debt. The struggles of youth are over! Pot is legal, I get up at 10:00 am, and I get to drink like a fish whenever I feel like it! Being "old" is great because now I get to party like a Kennedy until I croak!

And I got to see Led Zeppelin LIVE! Twice!


6, right there with you at nearly 62. Legal pot, booze at QFC and condo value going up every day ... life is sweet. I got to see the Clash, Ultravox, Gary Myrick & the Figures, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Call, Nick Cave, Romeo Void, Skinny Puppy, PIL, Flipper, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, David Bowie, Spyro Gyra, Steppenwolf and Bad Company and those are just the ones I can remember all these decades later. That's why I get to gently LOL at the newbs. Being over 60 is the BEST.


Also, #6, I like your name. I miss seeing the old beast on Lake U when crossing I-5 bridge.


Better a porkpie hat than a pork pie. Pork pie is just nasty.


Especially if you wear it AS a hat.


At 44, I do struggle with becoming what I swore I would never become.... an old person that complains about young people. Young people have to live their life and find their way, I get it. But damn, they sure do some stupid shit, wear things that are ridiculous looking and are generally oblivious to the important things an adult needs to know to prosper in this country.

If I had a magic wand and could wave it and fix something, I'd make it so that young people (36 or younger) couldn't touch their phones in public.... I'd make it so they have to engage, in person, with other people in our society.


I am not sure that being a hipster was the issue. Sounds like you may have seen 2 spoiled kids out on the town. Either way, they should treat their server with respect. If they asked for something off menu, that is not obnoxious. Not giving a great tip for the special request is. The story doesn't say whether that happened or not.


I think Anon's comments here are fully justified. 1) Those kids were being totally disrespectful to their server-it was probably a "hey, we're legally adults in a restaurant, we finally have the right to order somebody else around the way mom and dad order US around" vibe"; 2) Is anybody else thinking those kids were keeping the waitress tied up with their "special" orders and slowing down the process of everybody else getting their food?


What @2 said


Just want to squeeze in here before the thread's flooded with "Five Easy Pieces" references


Wearing a porkpie hat (or fedora) in public if you're under, oh, let's say 60, should be illegal. Or at least a ticket violation.


What were the eggs like?


I was rolling my eyes until I got to the server part. If you complain about how other people dress, you're a douchebag (even if you think what they're wearing looks stupid). But tying up the waitress with bullshit? Assholes.


Point taken, they were rude people. Hopefully someday you will realize that associating a person's attire to their behavior is no different than tying a person's behavior to skin color. I'm led to believe that whenever you see someone with a porkpie hat/hipster attire, your mind will go to "what an asshole" rather than "strange fashion choice, but to each their own". Hopefully you can reserve judgement unless a tangible action (like the rude hipsters at the cafe) proves differently.


Indeed these dudes suck



So, you'd be willing to make an exception for Trilby's and flat caps? And I do think 60 is pretty old. I've been wearing all of these (except porkpies - they just don't look right on me for some reason) since at least the early 1980's. long before they became fashionable with hipsters.

Seriously, nothing completes the stylishness of a classic double-breasted suit quite like a nice wide-brimmed, teardrop-creased fedora.


@16 or for a younger though perhaps not young crowd: “When Harry Met Sally”


@3: I second fellow native Seattleite, kalakala (@6): I'm fine at 54 and wouldn't be 20 again for all the money in the world (in the Err of Trump?!? No thanks!). Thank you both for giving me something to look forward to in my 60s+.


@24 I’m nearing 80 and its true that I am glad I am no longer a wage slave. However, its sad that I see fascism now that we thought had mostly disappeared in my youth and childhood. I am a war survivor. I was in England then. My whole family fought the third reich and two were injured and one died. Its not good at all that so many are complacent about what is happening now. We were ordinary working class people.
I was part of the movements of the 60s and 70s and it was a very exciting time partly because of the caring of many involved regarding the injustices of this system. I am still very motivated to speak out about racism/sexism/classism and because of what I have seen and experienced I feel obligated to do so.
Recently, there have been shootings in my neighborhood and a close friend of mine was shot and killed. He was a black man. He had reported that he was afraid that the police would kill him since he was harassed regularly. There is silence about police doings here and it hasn’t been reported in the press. I have complained to authorities and a complaint is due to go out in early October. Most of the city seems utterly asleep about the oppression that exists here and the rise of fascism in this country. There is really so much more to tell.


You kids get off my lawn!


@25 Ivy R. Nightscales: I am really sorry to hear about what you and your family have suffered, and the horror you lived through has returned here in the U.S. I am just as shocked that our country hasn't learned from the crimes against humanity that escalated 80 years ago. All women and girls, including the two of us on what's left of this dying planet, have my deepest heartfelt condolences in this heinous Err of Trump / Pence.
I was relating to @3 randommonkey's and @6 kalakala's comments, especially kalakala's. I was also Seattle born.


What anyone wears is irrelevant. But treating a waitress that way should be where ya'll are focusing. If I was that waitress I would've kicked them out for that nonsense. Nobody has time for that shit.

But in typical fashion you just want to call the person out for being old.


Why does anyone think that any "Anonymous" column is even true?

PS: @6, @7 No one cares how old you are. Or who you claim to have seen live. Nor where you claim to be born. It doesn't make you Holier Than Thou. It just makes you both Dicks. And, I'm not talking burgers here.


@26 chilly moe: Oh, a wise guy! Nyah-Nyah-Nyah!


@25: That was an amazing post, and you have lived a life filled with meaning and purpose. You have lived your truth. Thank you simply for having walked this earth and for having survived all you have seen. I'm in my late fifties, have lived mostly in the times between the crushing of the Sixties and the rise of libertarian left resistance since the WTO and Occupy. Your courage is inspirational and those who stand on your shoulders have an obligation to drive back the returning fascism you have lived to witness. I have to believe that those younger than myself and more than you would expect of my age group will find the way to blend our strength, share the power of good, and drive the monster away, following which we might still build the world you fought and still fight for, the world we need. As they said while dying in the fight against fascism in Spain "¡No Pasarán!


@25 thanks for telling where you're coming from, Ivy B.


Fashion Notes: The little black knit caps perched on the crown/back of hipster boy heads look stoopid and really piss me off. They look like used condoms that haven't fallen off yet. But after like a quarter century or so, I am beginning to appreciate the saggy pants thing, for durability of an odd style, and being really effective at pissing off old people like me.
Autobiography Notes: Pretty boring.


Is this I, Anonymous being recycled to cut down on global warming?




Drop the current advertising in favor of MyPillow and catheter ads already! Tim Keck didn’t realize he was sitting on a god damn goldmine!


@28, Asking the waitress for something off the menu or even for the food to be arranged a certain way is hardly rude; I went back and re-read the story to make sure I hadn't missed something. Anonymous didn't like the way they looked and was grasping at any straw he could to put them down. I do hope that they left an appropriate tip though but as @13 said that part was not made clear in the story. I would imagine that anonymous also doesn't people who tie their jackets around their butts using the sleeves as a drawstring.

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