Must be a millennial who's mommy did all of his laundry so he never learned how. You think the hoodie is rancid... imagine how bad his underwear is.


Buy him some Febreeze.


@ 3, it’s the same fucking paper you moron. Dan Savage regurgitates on their pages as well.

As to the cute Hipster who reaks, it’s the Hipster thing, not following the norms and all. And PBR. Lots of PBR.


I had a BF in the early 1980s who had a personal aroma consisting of B.O., meth, leather and cigarettes. I was a good influence on him - he started brushing his teeth.


Not enough people will see this that need it.

  1. Please learn to spell. Maybe if you weren't such a snarling dickwad, you would know that the word you want is R-E-E-K-S.

Who says it’s a male/identifies as male?


1: Why are we assuming this person is male? hygiene and laundry issues aren't always gender-specific.

Also, another possibility here is that this person may have mental health issues-a common marker for that range of conditions is inattention to maintaining cleanliness.


I don't know about anyone else, but I would LOVE for Steven Weismann's I, ANON graphic image to define Donald Jackass Trump in 2019.


@10: Trump is not the least bit cute. He sure reeks of stinky, though. I wouldn't mind if he were reduced to panhandling dumpster diver.


been smelling a couple people at work lately, and they're cars are nasty too. always wonder why its so hard to clean yourself and your clothes. but its not as bad as the guy who bathes in cologne instead of soap and water. just some routine maintenance and you'll stay stink free.


@4: Not actually the same paper, moron. They're sibling publications, with some shared staff, but they serve two entirely different cities and both get their own I, Anon submissions - so it's not too much to ask for them to run submissions from their own cities.


Years ago I had a sweet boyfriend who always smelled like spoiled fish. Always. I knew he showered every day, and dressed for success, sort of, in slacks and cashmere sweaters. His reek was a mystery. I broke up with him because of it. Decades later I learned some people have a rare metabolic disorder that causes a fish odor syndrome. It depends partly on what they eat. So Cutie's hoodie may be at fault, but maybe not.


@13 They share a lot of stuff, dickwad, as in a significant amount of their content. Get a grip.


When this was posted in the IA of the Portland Mercury I asked why it was assumed this was a male and was told by a male that no female can be a cutie in a hoodie. My response to that was oh ok so it's a cis white heterosexual male thing. Makes no sense to me.


@16 Plenty of straight cis men of all races like a girl in a hoodie, as do plenty of cis gay women, I can speak to this for seeing it happens hundreds if not thousands of times. You should really get your generalizing under control, it's a really, really lazy way of thinking.

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