this is a bad take.




This is one of the stupidest fucking takes on a changing Seattle I've ever seen in the Stranger. So that's saying a lot.

This just in: a city needs more than tech workers. It needs cooks, bartenders, school teachers, EMTs, and plenty of professional jobs that don't pay a lot (read: pretty much anything previously coded as woman's work).

Even assuming these people could have chosen to be tech workers, or would be/have been able to transition to the field mid-career (note, however, the massive problem with ageism--and sexism--in tech)...

 why would we want them to?! 

I liked living in a diverse city that had a wide range of incomes and occupations: it is (more increasingly was) great to chat with a bus driver at a coffee shop, or a kindergarten teacher over a beer. I've spent my fair share of time in the Bay Area, and holy hell, if that's the future you want for Seattle, just come out and say it.


barber bros... you're next!

honestly everything eating itself gets gross all the time. Sadly stuck in the feedback loop you all are. SSF


Get woke, go broke!


What the shell


I think a clarification is in order. I imagine there are lots of wonderful, brilliant tech people doing amazing, innovative things in this city who contribute to an overall improvement of the world. Then there's like the trash people that work at Facebook enabling white supremacy and wholesale malignant narcissism as long as it makes a buck. It takes a village, really.


I'd normally agree that one shouldn't demonize the troops. But I do take issue with the assertion that tech bros are not fascists. Just as there were non-Nazi Party members of the shocktroops, being a part of the tech colossus that is fast getting a stranglehold on human life is being complicit to fascism.

Upton Sinclair's watchword needs an update: "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross[, and/or carrying a smartphone tether]."


@3, @8, @9: Thank you for validating the points made @5. Resentment much?

It’s worth recalling the investments Seattle made in Amazon, twenty years ago. Then-Mayor Schell gave Amazon such favorable use of the old PAC-Med Building, the State Auditor actually investigated — and found nothing illegal.

In return, Amazon has done more for Seattle than any amount of comments at The Stranger ever will.


Can’t both sides be right? There are more effective ways to be benefit your city if you feel that strongly about that the direction it’s going. Being a rude asshole is not one of them.


I think this I.A. is spot when directed at the complainers that passed up on several of their own opportunities like saving for home ownership in your early twenties (often by sacrificing weekends at the bar) and earning a college degree in a field that may be less personally enricheding than literature, but pays better.

Yes, the system is unfair and the deck is rigged, but everyone still has chances to make their lives better, and passing them up doesn't make it the fault of those that worked to improve themselves in ways you didn't.

Our collective societal energies are much better spent correcting systemic racial injustices rather than by coddling a bunch of white, suburban-raised adults that resent "everyone gets a trophy day" doesn't extend into home ownership and well-paying jobs that are interesting and available to those with your limited skillsets.


What if the tech bros organized for a collective bargaining agreement that forced their tech companies to invest in affordable housing?


If it needs to be explained - these are pretty much the sticker equivalent of blowing off steam over a beer (which coincidentally is where I've mostly seen them posted - at bars). For folks left on the other side of the tech boom, sometimes it just feels nice to acknowledge our collective frustration and powerlessness over the way Seattle's been ground down by the strain of a handful of tech firms that don't give a shit about making their community any better. Also, the cloistered, company-provided everything from catered meals to social interaction is kinda disturbing to those of us who actually live, invest in, and interact with the City of Seattle (versus the Fiefdom of Face-azon), but whatever. You be you.


Americans are insanely jealous of the "other people" who "make more money". But not jealous of the ones who bleed everyone from the top. They love themselves bloodsucking billionaires. But the people who earn just a little bit more - those people GO HOME.
The 1% love to see you peasants keep each other in line.


This IA has the arrogance of privilege. Everyone did not have the same chance. Maybe we all had a chance, but the availability of opportunity in this country all comes down to the birth lottery and what zip code you were born in.

Keep telling yourself it's a just world, next time you commute down Aurora look at the people walking the track. Most those people never had chance, maybe that's something you'd understand if you actually lived a life, instead of licking boots.


I am a software engineer, and I was born in Seattle. In fact, many of the people I grew up with in the area went into tech. We also have one of the best computer science programs in the world at UW. You can even get internships as Microsoft in high school. There are many opportunities here.

On the other hand, many of the people who say tech “ruined” Seattle are not from Seattle. Many moved here in the 90’s to be part of a “scene,” coughdan savage*cough* and now act like they own the place.

So, if you tell me to “go home,” I could reply the same to you. I was here first.

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