Your Black Plague Revival Tactics Are Not Appreciated



So, do you think the author was referring to literal rats, or is this just another KOMO/Sinclair swipe at Seattle's homeless population?


@1 Beat me to the punch.


FFS shut up, IA, and take your own advice to GET A LIFE.


Golden Gardens in the 70's...ah, that was the life for high school seniors on a summertime Friday or Saturday night. A tank of gas, a half-rack of Rainier, a lid of $10 dirty Mexican weed, Alice Cooper and Grand Funk cranking on the 8-track and we were the kings of all we surveyed. Damn hot cars in the lower parking lot. Don't remember any rats, but I'll never forget all that pussy.


Rat shit!!!


4 you got off topic so quick it was like you were driving on ice. But that's what old people do.


@6 - You should live so long to have had as much fun as I have. Good luck with that.


Amen kalakala!



"Get a life. Find something to do that doesn’t involve feeding flea-bearing, plague-spreading, child-nibbling, non-native vermin. Watch a movie, offer your extra food to the homeless"

Hahahahahaha, like there is some kind of distinction between rats and hobos.


Two birds, one stone? Maybe watch the rats scurry around gathering all the tasty delicious poison you're tossing to them?


@4 that's definitely something that someone who has a lot of sex says


Seeing as you have taken it upon your most lowly 'selves' to serve as anthropomorphic malaria crossbred with stoned orcs by deleting my links to high art, this will not go unanswered and witness this mere taste of the hell I hold back like spider man and the buses to so many gates of all abandoned hope. Pearls before swine.


@4 by the 80's we had kegs of beer out there and well defined escape plans for the SPD as they slowly cleared the beach one beach fire at a time working their way north. As a freshman my ride was once the trunk of a Plymouth.


Haven't gotten any since, have you?