We knew camping on Memorial Day weekend would be busy, so we planned ahead: We chose an out-of-the-way rustic camping area, drove up Thursday, found a nice site under the trees, pitched our tent, left a marker at the site, and headed back to Seattle. Friday after work, we arrived to find you in our site, our tent disassembled and piled next to the firepit, marker removed and hidden. You nervously repeated your story that you arrived and "the tent was taken down already" as your wife slunk away toward your staring kids, realization dawning on their faces that Daddy was a liar. What could we do but move on down the road and re-pitch our tent on a bare patch of dirt next to a busy trailhead. Other campers told us they'd seen you pull down our tent. The next time you bring the family out for a little "fresh air," pack some fucking etiquette along with your gear.

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