We chose an out-of-the-way rustic camping area, drove up Thursday, found a nice site under the trees, pitched our tent, left a marker at the site, and headed back to Seattle.

They should have burned your tent, sites are first come first serve.

If someones site is established and they left for a hike, you respect it, but throwing an empty tent and a sign is some passive aggressive nonesense


In general, don't mess with other people's stuff. Even though it's ridiculous, Anonymous was technically there first. I should point out that if you need to drive into the mountains early to reserve a spot, it's the antithesis of an "out of the way rustic camping area". Don't be a baby; blaze your own path and find something new if you want to get away.


Nope, I'm gonna toss the bullshit flag on this one. Out-of-the-way places are free game. Don't post a sign on Christmas stating you plan to camp there on the 4th of July. If you can't make a camp and stay there, then make your reservations with all the rest of the lemmings at a regular campground. You were lucky any of your stuff was even there when you returned. I'm with #1.


i always poop in a couple of different places in front of my tent with signs that say Poop Cleanup Not Completed Yet. And by the time i come back the next day the poop is really pretty chill to deal with.


Been there, done that, many times over the years. You're better off going to the campground very early, picking a good spot and getting set up before everyone else shows up, and staying there.

Camp sites are first come, first served in my experience, you can't just put up a tent then leave and expect that everything will stay where it was. My cousin and I successfully held many Memorial Day weekend parties at public campgrounds by being the early birds.


@4 - That's disgusting and unsanitary.


Going camping on Memorial Day weekend is insane. Your planning and expectations doomed the expedition before it began. Enjoy the traffic jam back into town.


How I feel about this would depend on ~when~ your tent was taken down. If someone actually wanted to camp in that spot on Thursday night, it was theirs by right because YOU WEREN'T USING IT. Sorry, but there are no "dibs" post-childhood except for restaurant reservations. Next time, if you want a prime camping spot for a holiday weekend, arrange to take the previous day off work.

But if the offending family didn't themselves arrive until Friday, then I agree they should have had the courtesy to leave your tent alone. Either way they certainly shouldn't have lied about how they found it. Especially in front of the kids, who will now grow up thinking Trump's behavior is perfectly OK too.


@1 meanie and @3 kalakala: Agreed and seconded, along with @5 & @6 RickFromTexas.
@4: So YOU'RE to blame for Skagit County's highly publicized "Poop Smart" campaign for enlightening clueless, unsanitary out-of-towners during this year's Tulip Festival. It figures.
@5 & @6 RickFromTexas: First come, first served. Agreed and seconded. I'm amazed I, Anon's tent and belongings were still there at the campsite. Who pitches a tent in an out of the way rustic camping area only to take off and return later?
@7 Zander: I'm surprised Anon didn't add getting caught in holiday weekend traffic to his / her gripe list.


Anonymous's attempts at "dibs" reminds me of people who go into a busy coffee shop, put their bag down at a table, and then get into line. It violates one of the basic principles of moral actions: would it work if everyone did it?

If I had been in the position of the "lying dad" I would have tossed Anonymous's tent and markers into the woods, and then feigned total ignorance when they showed up to claim their dibbed camping site.


So glad public opinion is running against the OP. Drove back to Seattle? YOU WERE NOT CAMPING. They were. They get the site.


who the hell reserves a camping site by setting it up and then leaving?

Anonymous can suck a dick, I'd have taken that shit down too. Why are you entitled to that?


WTF is this "camping marker" business?

@11 I was thinking the same thing. Probably leaves his wet clothes in the washer for days too.


This is "camping" in the same way Bogarting a joint is "camping".


@11 Why wouldn’t it work if everybody did it? If I want to read/chill at a coffee shop, I’m not going to buy a coffee only to find out there’s no room at the inn. That’s like renting a room only to find out later that all rooms are occupied. If there’s no room, I move on to the next shop. If I buy a coffee before, I’m stuck with a coffee and no place to sit.


You should have been puppy guarding that sucker. (Ask your kids.)


you think you invented that technique?
get in line behind every homeless bum in King County....


The artwork is spot-on. This is how imagine most stranger readers looking and it's a perfect representation of sawant and her and her band of idiots.


There's a reason I prefer backcountry camping where you have to go out a few miles. Less chance of any of these discussions happening.


Seriously? If you'd gone for a hike and they'd taken your tent down you could get pissy, but you drove back to Seattle and left your tent there?

Tough shit. They did nothing wrong, you were bring presumptuous. Want to reserve a spot on Thursday? GO ON THURSDAY.

Your letter is dripping with entitlement. Get over yourself. Next time learn some etiquette or go to somewhere that's actually out of the way, not just OOTW adjacent.


@10 Anthropomorphise Me: Agreed and seconded. I, Anons like this one are largely why I don't go camping anymore. I am very fortunate to have enjoyed unspoiled campsites available not far from my home while growing up. We had bald eagles, deer, otters, gray harbor seals, loons, blue herons, and red foxes in our backyard. The only light across the water was from a campfire across the bay. Neighbors up the road from us had a family of bald eagles nest annually in a big Douglas Fir. Their offspring knew where to come back.
I pity those from younger generations who will never experience what i could and did way back when.


@8 Trump's behavior is fine. You're the one teaching your child that it's OK to hate someone just because you have a difference of opinion you intolerant Liberal Creep. #MAGA !


@23 Bozotool: Is it a little slow down at juvee? Your MAGA cap's on too tight. Seek medical attention before you lose any more vital brain tissue. Wean yourself from BigMacs, too, and maybe you'll lose the potbelly.


I wonder if ANON's really pissed because the butler forgot to pack the Grey Poupon, and that's why they "had" to drive back to Seattle.


If the elementary school rule of "called dibs" applies, then so does another one... "move the meat, lose your seat".


25 LOL. Good one! That was pretty fucking funny.


@27 DrummerGrrl: Thanks. I try. Sometimes I do manage to slam one out of the park on occasion. This week's ANON made that easy.


Anonymous should have left a horse at the site along with their dibs tent. Then it would be simpler to fuck them and the horse they rode in on.


Camping was fun briefly in my 20s when I discovered that tequila helps improve the "outdoor experience" (which campground/car camping barely is), but for the past 25 years I've been roughing it in cabins or B&Bs. So much better to have walls and a door. As for the IA's situation, I feel sorry for every child involved.


The couple who moved IA's stuff and took over the campsite should have OWNED what they did. They should have said "Hell yeah, we did that, because it's bullshit to "reserve" a campground by dropping the tent and leaving. And we'd do it again!".

If it's that straight up that they had the right to do that, they should have just BEEN straight up about it.


You could look at it like this....if concert tickets were going on sale in 24 hours and lines were forming outside the ticket office, you put out your "markers" to be first in line AND then you left for the night to sleep in your nice, soft you seriously think your "place" in line would be honored by all those who slept on the sidewalk all night??? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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