As I stood on the corner of Pike and Broadway waiting for the light to change, a young man rolled up on his Lime bike, dropped the kickstand, and left it. The problem was that he put the bike right in the middle of the sidewalk. In my best “get off my lawn” tone, I asked him if there wasn’t a better place to leave it. “Why? Someone’s just going to come along and get it.” I could only shake my head in dismay, flummoxed by the confidence of his comeback. These are dark times we live in, where many of us have opted out of the assumed social contract of trying to cause no harm and regarding others and the world at large with respect. A shared bicycle program seems like a good idea, but when treated with such indifference, it leaves one wondering why people can’t just suffer the indignity of walking—minus headphones and texting. I mean, how can you see the big picture when you’re looking at such a little screen all the time?

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