Bike Shares Are Great, Until They Get in the Way



I’m on the line bikers side, if it’s location bothers you that much move it. It would have taken less time than it took you to make this complaint.


I was in Hamburg, Germany for a few days several years ago. The ONLY place you see rent-a-bikes there is orderly parked in the bike racks dedicated to them. Why is our model to flood the city with them left all over the place and mostly in the way one way or the other?


I applaud this IA. Why should a bystander be required to move the lime bike carelessly and rudely left blocking the sidewalk? The public is not your valet, dickhead. Also, for the guy at the bus stop who had his bike blocking the entire sidewalk while he looked at his phone - SERIOUSLY????


Everyone who rides one of these things looks and acts like they've had a lobotomy. I am encouraged that most don't wear helmets. It'll sort itself out eventually.


Good grief, this sounds like my neighbors, who used to park them in front of our front gate. They shifted responsibility when asked if maybe they'd done it, and could they consider not blocking our gate or sidewalk (they seriously would go past their house to park it in front of ours), before they finally admitted that yeah, it was them and they'd try to do better (which to their credit, they have). I don't think they were trying to be jerks, they just were completely and utterly thoughtless about anyone else's needs to use the public right of way, or even our ability to leave our private property.

@1 bike share users need to consider that people with mobility issues can't just move these heavy bikes. The majority of bike share users demonstrate a level of selfishness that is simply breath taking. The rest of society shouldn't have to serve as de facto parents, picking up their toys and reminding them of their manners.


Anything in the 'sharing' economy leads to this sort of behavior. If it's not yours, you don't take responsibility for it. Human nature.


I have lost count of how many of these I have tossed off of the sidewalk on my way to work from my bus stop, which isn't easy even for me, because of the weight. Luckily, this business seems to be unsustainable, losses grow even as gross profit increases, resulting in a net loss. There is only a small handful of cities that where any of these companies have seen an actual profit, and it hasn't been much. Until they whither and die, I will keep tossing bikes.


The City should mandate that Lime or Uber require the rider to take a photo of the bike when the ride is complete, including instructions to park the bike properly. If the rider doesn't park it properly, then Lime/Uber can both warn and ultimately fine the non-compliant rider. Transactional compliance...


Awesome when new. All broken now. Once good idea. Now detritus. Please remove them all.


@1 -- Egg-zactly!

Follow this guy 'round and
put shit his back, where it
belongs -- the Idjits never will.

"Social Contract"?
It's just for Socialists,
and Suckers, apparently...

Kinda like drivers who use the
Safe Spaces around other vehicles
as their very own Personal Property.


You know those children who were gassed to death in Syria? I hope their families are told this tale so they know they are not alone in this world full of savagery.


Another example of a "new economy" company using a public resource for profit. Rather than figuring out how to warehouse their inventory (bikes) or at least make sure that they are scattered around in a way that doesn't inconvenience people, they just toss them around. Kind of like Uber having all of its drivers taking up space on the public roads & tying up traffic between fares.


Mario @10, That actually sounds like a pretty good idea, but getting riders to comply might be tricky.


@1 - Heck yeah! I'm 100% for doing whatever the hell feels good and is convenient for good old #1. If anyone else has a problem with that, the onus should be on them to do the work to fix it. That's why I have my dog shit on their lawn and never pick it up...if they really care about a lawn and plants and it bothers them so much, they'll pick it up themselves or pay for someone to do it for them.


@1: So you don't care if somebody trips over it?


@13 I guess, since climate change threatens human existence, those children in Syria can wait until we solve that problem.


I move these bikes out of the way even though I avoid them, I tell myself it's for the person who is blind or in a wheelchair. I've started moving them into the entryways used by businesses who employ people that ride them. Next I'm considering moving them into bike lanes and the middle of the street. If you think you're entitled to park wherever you want then you don't deserve a ride. It's not the location that bothers me, it's your lack of consideration for others, asshole.


@19 I can avoid*


It's not the bike, it's this entitled little shit. Many people were not raised to be mindful of the work they make for others. Whatever you have to do in that moment to help this young remember that is probably justified.

If it's a regular issue, ticket the owner until they can properly educate their customers.


@5 You know there hasn't been an increase in rider fatalities since all these rent a bikes came online, right? In fact, I'd wager biking has become safer than ever. It's almost as if there's mountains of data that suggest wearing a helmet while biking around a city doesn't make you any safer, but having more bikers on the roads does.
So, please, hold your breadth until all us unhelmeted bikers die.


Its fantastic to have a bunch of shit cluttering the sidewalk if you need to use a walker or wheelchair. Really good job, thanks everyone.


@13 Find someone who is visually impaired or requires use of a wheelchair to get around, and ask them what they honestly think about putting bikes directly in their paths. Bet you'll be surprised!


I like to urinate on the handle bar grips