Get Your Off-Leash Dog Away from My Bunny



I hate off-leash dogs! It's THE LAW to have one in public spaces... everywhere along the way from your house to the off-leash park is not off-leash too >:(


Seattle, among many other communities, has clearly gone to the dogs. And now we're paying an obnoxious price--at public parks, stores, everywhere. Agreed with I, ANON and @1 MrEvlevo. I feel fortunate to live in a cat-friendly building.


This is the comment that is here to get both sides on the same page.
As someone who has both a bunny as well as dogs,
I can honestly say that I see both perspectives.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to have more locations to have our dogs off leash. Because, as big as Seattle is, and as many places as you can take dogs to have them legally off-leash, judgy people without dogs also need to understand that there are also A LOT of people with dogs and the parks are overflowing a lot of the time. There are A LOT of people in the world and thus a lot of people also in Seattle. We are over populated in so many ways, it's kind of disgusting.
So, dear judgmental humans without canine companions:
Please try to be more understanding of these issues and get yourself more educated on the matter before you lash out in anger, resentment and judgmental dog hating rage. It's unnecessary for us to be hostile towards one another over these things. They are misunderstandings on both parties ends as neither is thinking of the other. You both (dog owners and non dog owners) are only thinking of yourselves, and thus problems occur with misunderstandings like this one. Yes, it sucks. And it's only going to change when BOTH parties are more considerate of one another and take the time to communicate things POLITELY & RESPECTUFLLY to one another. That being said, on to the other side...

Not all other dogs on leashes are friendly, or appreciate your dog pouncing up on them.
Some people are walking a plethora of other types of creatures including bunnies, cats, even reptiles and other things. It's their right to do so as it is your right to walk your dogs, but your dogs need to be on a leash for everyone's safety and comfort. It's called MUTUAL RESPECT.
Also, there are children (and some adults) who have had bad experiences with dogs and are TERRIFIED of them! Can you imagine if you had a phobia of spiders and a GIANT Australian spider (which can be as large as a dog) came running at you?? You'd lose your friggin mind, right? Regardless of how many times the owner of said spider repeated to you "Oh don't worry! he's friendly! This type doesn't even bite!" You would not care, correct? You'd still be livid and terrified, correct?
Or, if said giant friggin spider ran up on your child, even with same scenario with owner constantly reassuring you, you'd still lose your darn mind. FACTS. Now you have an inkling of how people with a fear of dogs feel, or someone with a beloved smaller pet who's out being courteous and walking their little creature ON A LEASH might feel.

Walking their little buddy is their right just as it is your right to walk yours.
It is NOT your right to judge whether or not they should walk said creature, nor to put it's life in danger by not following the LAW and not having yours on a leash as it is supposed to be.. again, BY LAW. . Lets have some respect and common courtesy for one another, people. It's not hard. And it's not going to kill you or your beloved free-roaming pup. They can get plenty of exercise at the dog park or other ACCEPTABLE off-leash dog friendly locations.

If you are worried about your dog and other dogs at dog parks, consider going at times when other dogs aren't there. There are lots of options that are not going to be breaking the law or putting others in discomfort and or their pets in jeopardy by your choices.

Let's all be more kind, courteous, and respectful of one another and a whole lot less judgy, I'm looking at the dog haters here on the judgy part also. MUTUAL respect and understanding is key, guys and gals. We aren't going to get anywhere in this world by being a bunch of judgmental a**hats.

Now that EVERYONE is good and offended
-because no one likes being socked in the kisser with cold hard facts and common sense-
I really hope we can all work at bettering ourselves and focus/direct our attention on how we (yourself focusing on you, myself focusing on me) can work at helping to make things better for EVERYONE and NOT just focusing on our own selfish needs or JUST making OUR OWN lives better.

How do we work at making things better for everyone you may ask?
Why, I'm glad you're interested!
By POLITELY communicating with one another and explaining in detail -CALMLY AND RATIONALLY- why something that person is doing is upsetting (Again, for the cheap seats, NOT YELLING AT THEM AND FREAKING OUT, but CALMLY and RATIONALLY talking to them!), and POLITELY -ASKING- not -TELLING- THEM (because you are not their mom/dad nor are you the police so it is not your JOB to tell others what to do. You are, however and ADULT and CAN politely ASK them such things in a respectful manner.) to keep their dogs on a leash in public areas so that everyone is safe and comfortable. If they don't listen, ( and ONLY IF THEY DO NOT LISTEN - AND- YOU WERE NICE AND POLITE while asking in the first place like AN ADULT.. - because if you do the next step just to be a spiteful person, you are not adulting the right way and are more of an A-hole than the wonderful person you just encountered), THEN you can do the other adult thing and narc the a-hole out by calling it in to city officials and let them handle that bidnez' Woot! Go you! Adulting like a champ!
Other options while NOT IN THE MOMENT but while it's firmly in your mind;
Bring to our city officials your requests for more off-leash dog parks to accommodate our ever growing community of humans with their canine companions, (yes, they do actually respond accordingly if they get enough of these types of responses from the public!).
By also bringing to attention that perhaps we finally need a few parks dedicated to those who have other types of animal companions on leashes!
Ideas abound! Think it, find a solution, do it or bring the idea to someone who can make it happen! Don't give up! Start groups for people of like minds and get petitions started!
There are a million ways to make things better for everyone instead of getting ticked off and ranting on the stranger or fb, or whatever tool you prefer for venting your angst on.
Be proactive and try to be a bit more understanding, guys and gals. This isn't high school anymore, now we are all grow'd up and can communicate with one another respectfully instead of gossiping and whining like a bunch of teenage girls. yay us.

(And to that obligatory person that has nothing better to do than pick out my last comment about teenage girls and wants to whine about it being sexist or whatever else, I WAS A TEENAGE GIRL and YOU ARE IN DENIAL if you say teenage girls don't behave like that... and you probably are still doing those behaviors if this was the only thing to stick out to you in this entirely way too long comment. Find a hobby, for the love of all that is good in the world, there are better things for you to waste your time on. Get off the troll bus and go work on climate change! It's another real issue that we could all stand to work on a lot more! LETS DO THIS! XD )

Signed affectionately,
-Has to wear clothes in society, just like you.


Fuck that rabbit


You realize of course, that this means war. - Bugs Bunny


Why is it so hard to keep dogs on leashes for some people?


5 "Of course you know, this means war."


Who lets their dogs off leash in a public park at 3am?


Are we talking about an off-leash rabbit here?


Pretty sure no one actually read all of #3


My dog is always on a leash in public. She has a doggie seatbelt, too. Allowing dogs of any size or temperament off leash is foolish and potentially hazardous to the dog. Some people pride themselves on how well their dogs behave, but they don't consider unforeseen circumstances. We call those people "losers". Don't be a loser.


I am intrigued by this sweetly aggressive and threatening bunny lover who no doubt knows how to make a killer margarita. If only I had neighbors like this. You go, bunny safety crusader!


12, you got that right but some people cannot resist a soapbox.


Is the bunny on a leash? How exactly am I supposed to know you have a small animal roaming the grass & keep my dog away?


If that's the rabbit from Holy Grail
he'll tear you a new arsehole
and spit out your dog.

He makes Mike Tyson (the Olde Mike
Tyson) look like a Saint.


@3: I never said I hated dogs. Look both ways more carefully before you spew a novel.

As for bunnies, where are Lissa and her carnivorous lop?

@12 MrEvlevo: I surely didn't.

All I have left to say is, Sic 'em, Bugs! Can I buy you a drink?


@16 it won't be a problem IF YOUR DOG IS ON A LEASH!!!


Get your domesticated predator away from my fluffy oxytocin sponge.


The problem is inconsiderate assholes who want a dog and don't have the space to have said dog. If you don't have a yard don't get a fucking dog.

I live in an apartment building and new tenant moves in with a big dog; doesn't tell the landlord upon moving in and it's not a problem. If I brought cats into a building where it says no cats; they'd kick me out.

Maybe the dog will live; maybe it won't. We have Raccoons in the neighborhood so it's just a matter of time before the dog finds out it's not the top dog.

5-7 coons hanging out looking for food will make lunch meat out of the biggest of dogs.



A friend of mine used to walk around with his dog off leash. His dog would see other dogs and race towards them, my friend yelling, "He's friendly!" I tried telling him to keep his dog on a leash to be considerate of others but he said he had control and it wasn't a big deal and let him do what he wants with his own pet and he basically doesn't give a shit if others are bothered by it so I gave up.

So he's out walking his dog one day and it sees another dog across the street and races out towards it and runs right in front of a garbage truck. Killed almost instantly. My friend was heartbroken and in shock. I guess the person across the street and the truck driver were pretty shocked too, but for years my friend was kind of a wreck.

Needless to say, my friend, when he recovered enough to get a new dog years later, NEVER lets her off leash. I mean never. If the dog is outside (unless enclosed within a fence) she's on a leash. Period.

I felt bad for him, he really was devastated over what'd happened. Still though, I did think in my head at the time, "I warned you."



@12, I did. It was mostly pretty good.


3 did you take your Adderall before posting?